Negative Interest Rates & Its Potential Impact on Crypto Market

“Negative interest rates? Over my dead body.” Jerome Powell did not say that. But if one were to reimagine the Federal Reserve chairman in a superhero comic book, that is precisely how his dramatized version would have screamed about “the biggest monetary policy experiment of modern times.” In the real world, a less-theatrical Powell conveyed…

Bitcoin and Gold are Collectibles: Fund Manager

A fund manager associated with Pennsylvania-based investment management firm Valley Forge has questioned the safe-haven status of both Gold and its digital rival Bitcoin. Dev Kantesaria said in an interview with Business Insider that both the assets are no less than collectibles. “You are actually not buying any protection, you’re simply speculating,” the analyst noted….

US Stockbroker Puts Gold above Bitcoin against Gloomy US Economy

Rival assets bitcoin and gold are rising in tandem against a weaker US dollar. But, according to Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., gold has a better probability of holding its gains. The chief global strategist said on Monday that gold is rising as a haven asset, while bitcoin is merely behaving like a speculative…