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      • Bitcoin Dives Below $8K, but We Are ‘A Long Long Way From Miner Capitulation’

      • Bitcoin Price Slips Below $8,000, Despite Bullish Forecasts

        5h ago
      • Bitcoin price down to $8000: Drop to $7300 imminent?

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      • Bitcoin Set For $100k, Last Opportunity to Buy Below $10k

    • Bitcoin Set For $100k, Last Opportunity to Buy Below $10k

      For the first time in over fifteen months, bitcoin is at five figures. A few hours ago BTC broke past the $10k price barrier and continued surging all the way up towards $11k in one epic pump. Analysts looking at the bigger picture are eyeing $100k if previous market cycles repeat. The move to $10k has been rejoiced over in crypto land as mainstream media still slumbers. Once those headlines start gaining traction another wave[…]