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      • Bitcoin Futures under $1 billion on BitMEX; investors' interest continues to drop

      • EOS Price Is Approaching $3.40 Resistance Level. Traders Explain What Happens Next

        12h ago
      • Justin Sun announces Tron's integration with BitGo

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      • Bitcoin Enters Massive Accumulation Phase as Tether Prints Another 2.5M USDT. Is Price About to Soar?

        29m ago
      • CME Says Bitcoin Futures Gaining Interest From Big Investors

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      • SEC Draws on Investor Communications to Halt Telegram Token Launch

      • XVG / BTC Technical Analysis [BINANCE]

        3h ago
      • Cryptocurrency in China penetration 8% among college students

      • Dubai, Emirates NBD Sign MoU on Blockchain Trade Finance Solutions

      • Bitcoin volume on BitMEX drops to multi-month low, sparking fears of extended pullback

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      • Senators influencing Facebook Libra partner is UnAmerican: Armstrong

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      • Grayscale Wins Approval for First Public Digital Currency Index Fund

      • FXCM Announces Cryptocurrency Basket 'CryptoMajor' for Retail Investors

      • Booking Holdings Drops Out of Libra Association as G7 Halts Development of Stablecoins

      • Grayscale Wins First US Approval For Cryptocurrency-Based Security

    • Bitcoin Futures under $1 billion on BitMEX; investors' interest continues to drop

      Bitcoin's unexpected slump on 24 September took a majority of the community by surprise. After consolidating above $10,000 consistently since 21 June, Bitcoin was treading under the $8500 range. The fall in valuation is now, exhibiting a direct impact on the Futures market.Before the fall on 24 September, the Futures markets for Bitcoin and Ethereum were soaring high in terms of volume. Major announcements from Bakkt also permeated the industry, with it seeing a revived sense of excitement for […]