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      • Swiss Regulator Demands More Clarity on Facebook’s Libra

        2h ago
      • ‘Bitcoin’ Twitter Handle Mocks Justin Sun as it Sheds Altcoins

      • Featured Podcast: Untold Stories by Charlie Shrem

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      • New York State to continue with Bitfinex investigation, court rules

      • Crypto Industry to Hit Another Milestone with its First SEC-Registered Security Token Offering

        26m ago
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      • Cryptocurrency Custody Giants Battle For Lions Share of Institutional Market

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      • Bitcoin’s Safe Haven Status Now More Relevant Than Ever

      • Major Coins Report Mild Losses, Bitcoin Price Hovers Around $10,700

      • Crypto Exchange Startup INX Aims to Raise $130 Million in US IPO

      • Crypto Payment Firm Everex Obtains License From New Jersey Regulators

      • Top 100 Global Fintech Startups Have Exploitable Security Vulnerability

      • Ripple partner R3’s David Rutter believes collaboration is key to enhancing legacy institutions’ efficiencies

      • Bitcoin Developer Team Reduces Hurdles for Implementation of Smart Contracts

      • Square Crypto Hires Blockstream Co-Founder, Open Source Bitcoin Dev

      • The European Commission Concerned About Libra’s Potential Monopoly

      • Ripple XRP Price Analysis: XRP Price Declining but Charts yell buy

      • Swiss Regulator Demands More Clarity on Facebook’s Libra

        2h ago
      • Charlie Lee Updates The Community About MimbleWimble Progress On Litecoin

      • Could The New Hash Rate High Boost BTC Price?

      • Jeremy Allaire Analyses Recent Growth in Bitcoin and Expectations from G7

      • Bitcoin has emerged as an option to opt-out of present financial system, claims Real Vision’s Raoul Pal

    • Swiss Regulator Demands More Clarity on Facebook’s Libra

      The Swiss watchdog will discuss Facebook’s Libra with a US congressional delegation this week[…]

      2h ago