A Look Into Bitcoin and Its Performance Around US Presidential Elections

The first time Bitcoin witnessed a US election was when it was only three years old. The cryptocurrency was about to celebrate its second anniversary as a tradable financial asset on now-defunct Mt. Gox exchange – even as half of the world assumed it was a scam, a Ponzi scheme, a terrorist financing/money laundering tool, and whatnot.

No $20,000 Bitcoin Until US Presidential Election 2020

For months, the Bitcoin price rose this year – regardless of a fast-spreading pandemic, the resulting economic turmoil, and poor evaluations by the mainstream media houses. Then, in September, the cryptocurrency came crashing down. It was March 2020 all over again, minus severity. Bitcoin established a year-to-date high near $12,500, started correcting lower on profit-securing…

Bitcoin Stands Tall Ahead of FOMC Meeting This Week

On Sunday, Bitcoin experienced a brief pump-and-dump. The BTC/USD exchange rate was able to break above $10,400, a resistance that capped the pair’s upside outlook for almost two weeks. Bitcoin eventually formed a session top above $10,500 only to find later that the area was full of profit-taking traders. A pullback ensued and the cryptocurrency…