Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Market Cap$2.6B$2.6B
Volume 24u$120.6M$120.6M
Beschikbaar aanbod18.805.87018.805.870
Totaal aanbod21.000.00021.000.000
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Bitcoin SV Price Update

Bitcoin SV is a decentralized form of digital asset/cryptocurrency. In the last 24 hours BSV price is down 0.26%. Bitcoin SV has an available supply of 18.805.87 and a total supply of 21.000 coins alongside with $2.6B market cap and a $120.6M 24h trading volume.The most active BSV trading exchange is OKEX. The addresses and transactions of Bitcoin SV can be explored in and Bitcoin SV website is 1.5% of CoinStats users own Bitcoin SV.

About Bitcoin SV

What Is Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin SV is also known as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision, is a cryptocurrency that ended up being developed by forking Bitcoin Cash, where the protocol was adjusted with larger block sizes with the intention being of actually reducing the transaction fees.

Now, Bitcoin had a hard fork in 2017, where the network split, and we saw the creation of Bitcoin Cash. Then in 2018, Bitcoin Cash had a hard fork, and this is how Bitcoin SV was created.

The name itself comes from the supporters who believe that the cheaper fees actually align with the original vision of Bitcoin that Satoshi Nakamoto had.

BSV also uses a proof-of-work (PoW) consensus algorithm, which means that before a block can be added to the chain, the miners have to find the answer to a complex mathematical puzzle through the usage of their computing power, after which they are rewarded with a block reward, which helps in the prevention of attacks on the blockchain as everything is confirmed as well as transparently visible.

Founders of Bitcoin SV

Discussing the founders of Bitcoin SV, it was actually founded by Craig Steven Wright and Calvin Ayre, which put forth a competing software version of Bitcoin SV that increased the block size limit to 128 MB.

Craig Steven Wright is also the founder of the fintech company nChain and has claimed in the past to be Satoshi Nakamoto, but this has not been confirmed. 

How Bitcoin SV Works

There are a lot of markets within the cryptocurrency industry that BSV is targeting, and there are specific use cases for the token that allows it to achieve things Bitcoin, as well as Bitcoin Cash, simply cannot provide. 

In other words, BSV has the ambition of replacing payment systems in the world by providing a much better user experience with a cheaper merchant cost while also maintaining a safer level of security. The role of BSV is to serve as an enterprise blockchain solution for specific corporations which intended to take advantage of it. 

BSV also uses Satoshis and has a cap of 21 million blocks in total. It is a result of a hard fork. The change here is that the block size limit was moved from 1 megabyte to 128 megabytes. This is by far one of the main differences between them. 

The idea here is that the block is now able to store a lot more data, and as such, it can solve the scalability issues the main version of Bitcoin or the original bitcoin protocol has. In other words, Bitcoin SV restores scalability. As a result, developers have the opportunity to build applications on it as well as engage in trading a lot easier. In fact, Bitcoin SV advertises itself as the only public blockchain designed for enterprises due to the fact that it has a higher level of scalability as a result of its increased block size limit. Furthermore, it also provides backend dev tools, such as the mAPI, the SPV Channels, and PayMail. Bitcoin SV is constantly receiving upgrades and trying to improve its capabilities, which says a lot about its future.

However, miners are just as important, and there are still a lot of resources required by its proof-of-work (PoW) mining method. 

It is available to buy, sell or trade on an exchange, and the exchange that supports it carries. 

Another thing Bitcoin SV takes from Bitcoin is the fact that it undergoes halvings, where the block rewards are actually cut by 50%. 

BVS Circulation and Market Cap

Bitcoin SV has an available supply of 18,775,927 and a total supply of 21,000,000 coins.

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