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Blur Prijs






Blur Prijs Grafiek (BLUR)


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Feb 14, 2023

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Jul 5, 2024

Blur Prijs Update

Blur price is $0,2067, omlaag -2.21% in the last 24 hours, and the live market cap is $363.347.149. It has circulating supply of 1,757,279,417 BLUR coins and a max supply of 3,000,000,000 BLUR alongside $30.295.807 24h trading volume.


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What Is Blur? 

Blur is an NFT marketplace and market aggregator on Ethereum preferred by NFT traders. Launched in October 2022, it has disrupted the NFT marketplace landscape by transforming the experience for professional traders with fast speed and advanced features such as real-time price feeds, portfolio management, and multi-marketplace NFT comparisons. Blur's portfolio management stands out with listing options like floor price listing, ladder listing, etc., and deep analytical features.

Blur has been designed to handle high loads, which enables unmatched speed and advanced features, including real-time data feed, charts, bulk listing and buying tools, and portfolio management. It lets users sweep and list across marketplaces, snipe reveals, and manage their portfolios faster than anywhere else. 

Blur is the NFT marketplace for pro traders. Many professional NFT traders increasingly prefer Blur for their trading activities — although it may be due to incentives like the recent airdrop of 360 million BLUR tokens — worth around $355M at the time of writing. 

Blur has raised over $14m from world-class investors and traders, including Paradigm, 6529, Cozomo Medici, dhof, Bharat Krymo, Zeneca, OSF, MoonOverlord, icebergy, Deeze, Andy8052, Keyboard Monkey, and many more.

BLUR Token 

BLUR is Blur protocol's native governance token used to incentivize those who pay royalties to creatives with additional BLUR tokens.

The all-time high price of BLUR, i.e., the highest price paid for BLUR since its launch, is $5.02, recorded on February 14, 2023. The all-time low price of JST, i.e., the lowest price paid for BLUR, is $ 0.563104, recorded on March 09, 2023.

The current market cap of Blur is $ 234.20M; however, it can change significantly in a short period due to regulations, market sentiment, and other real-world events.

How Does Blur Work?

Blur marketplace aggregator connects to X2Y2, OpenSea, and LooksRare and operates faster NFT sweeps and snipes than other marketplaces. The platform offers real-time price feeds, a sorting function based on price, a more intuitive interface, and no trading fees for NFT sales. Once a trader connects their wallet to their Blur account, they can view information about their NFTs' rarity, value, and profit and loss through Blur's portfolio tab. Plus, they can view the portfolio activity of all other transactions on the marketplace, including specific activities for each wallet filtering by collection.

The Blur ecosystem comprises three major components which include: 

  1. The Marketplace 
  2. NFT Royalties 
  3. Airdrop 

Marketplace: Despite being private, Blur’s aggregator already has the second-highest volume in the space. Blur’s marketplace, aggregator, and advanced trading tools are available to everyone at zero cost. 

Royalties: Blur incentivizes traders to honor royalties via airdrops. Today, royalties are not enforceable on-chain, and traders already have many zero-royalty options.

Blur defaults to the highest royalty across OpenSea, LooksRare, and X2Y2. When traders list on Blur, they can customize the royalties of their listings.

Airdrops: The series of Blur airdrops have given access to BLUR tokens in the form of Care Packages. The Care Packages have four tiers of rarity — Unrevealed, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary. The packages were distributed to active users with beta testing six months before the official Blur launch in October 2022. 

The second airdrop was for traders actively listing on the marketplace through November 2022, while the third drop was allocated to traders who placed bids on Blur through February 14, 2023.

The February 2023 airdrop was Blur's final airdrop when BLUR reached over $5 before dropping to under $1 within 24 hours, as many recipients sold the airdropped tokens immediately.

Blur (BLUR) Founders

Blur was built by a team with experience across MIT, Citadel, Five Rings Capital, Twitch, Brex, Square, and Y Combinator.

Blur’s founders and developers are active only through pseudonyms. The founder is known as Pacman, a Web3 developer—Zeneca, Founder of ZenAcademy and The 333 Club act as Blur Foundation's Director.

The founders started Blur because none existed with the needed capabilities, so they built a faster platform for trading NFTs.

How to Buy BLUR?

If you want to buy BLUR tokens at the current rate or trade BLUR, the top cryptocurrency exchanges are Coinbase, KuCoin, Kraken, Uniswap, OKX, Huobi, Bybit, BTCEX, BingX, and Bitget. 

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