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Honest Preço






Gráfico de Preço de Honest (HNST)


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Jun 19, 2019

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Feb 18, 2020

Atualização de Preço de Honest

Honest price is $0,004549, abaixo -7.34% in the last 24 hours, and the live market cap is $685.328. It has circulating supply of 150,666,667 HNST coins and a max supply of 400,000,000 HNST alongside $69 24h trading volume.


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Sobre Honest

What is Coin?

Coin is a digital form of currency that can be used to purchase goods and services online. It is similar to traditional money, but it exists only in the digital world. Coins are created through a process called mining, which involves solving complex mathematical problems with computers. Coins are stored in digital wallets and can be sent from one wallet to another instantly. The most popular coin is Bitcoin, but there are many other coins available as well.

Honest is an open source blockchain platform designed for businesses and individuals who want to build trustless applications on top of the blockchain. It offers a secure, transparent, and decentralized environment for data storage and transactions. Honest has its own native token called HNST which can be used for various activities such as staking rewards, voting rights, and paying transaction fees.

Honest provides users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to create their own smart contracts without any coding knowledge or experience. This makes it ideal for developers who want to quickly deploy their projects on the blockchain without having to learn how to code.

Honest also supports decentralized applications (dApps) which allow developers to create custom applications that run on top of the blockchain. These dApps can be used for anything from creating games and financial services to tracking assets or managing supply chains.

The Honest platform is built on top of Ethereum’s public blockchain network, making it highly secure and reliable. All transactions are recorded on the public ledger so they cannot be tampered with or reversed once confirmed.

The Honest team has also developed several tools such as a block explorer, wallet manager, and developer tools that make it easier for users to interact with the platform.

For more information about Honest visit Usenobi.
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