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Everscale 가격






Everscale 가격 차트 (EVER)


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Oct 13, 2020

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Nov 22, 2023

Everscale 가격 업데이트

Everscale price is $0.06062, 위 4.02% in the last 24 hours, and the live market cap is $118,954,298. It has circulating supply of 1,967,472,106 EVER coins and a max supply of 2,112,563,958 EVER alongside $189,764 24h trading volume.


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Everscale에 대하여

Everscale is a fast, decentralized, and scalable network with near-zero fees. It's a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain that can process up to a million transactions without compromising security.

EVER, the native token of the network is traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges and provides an excellent opportunity to earn income.

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Let's get right to it!

What Is Everscale

Everscale (EVER) is a scalable and secure Layer 1 blockchain capable of processing thousands of transactions per second and Turing-complete smart contracts. It's a self-governed blockchain hosted on the Ever Os platform. The platform consists of a subset of workchains, i.e., working blockchains used for processing transactions and executing smart contracts. Workchains are divided into shardchains and their blocks, which host part of the workload from their assigned workchain. The worckchains are synchronized with a masterchain to update ledgers.

This process of Dynamic Sharding entails a system that can reconfigure the partitioning of data and functions dynamically without having to shut down the operating system, enabling Everscale to scale vertically and process thousands of transactions per second.

Everscale currently ensures a record-breaking network throughput of 55,000 TPS.

Everscale allows developers to engage in dynamic sharding by offering comprehensive data on blocks, transactions, messages, accounts, tokens, and validators on a single network.

EVER Token

EVER is the Everscale protocol's native token and has several use cases. It's used for governance-related issues in the community DAO, yield farming, and rewarding validators for providing liquidity on DeFi protocols, paying the storage fees, transaction fees, and processing fees, also known as the gas fees, and staking.

EVER is an inflationary token with a fixed supply rate. Two million new EVER tokens are issued monthly as validator rewards until EVER reaches a cap of five billion tokens.

The EVER token runs on a set of standards collectively known as the TIP3 standard that runs on the following principles:

  • The smart contracts of a custom wallet can only deploy the root smart contract from its blockchain address.
  • User wallets have the same code as the root smart contract but contain different user data.
  • A mechanism enables people to ascertain a type of smart contract using its blockchain address.

So, what was the highest price for Everscale? Everscale hit an all-time high of $2.56 on Oct 13, 2020, and the all-time low paid for this asset was $0.081657124373 on Jul 13, 2022.

Everscale Founders

The Everscale blockchain, previously known as Free Tron, was rebranded to Everscale on Nov 9, 2021. The Upgrade brought several additional features, which include the previous Free TON ecosystem's all entities, including TON OS, its blockchain operating system, decentralized finance (DeFi) infrastructure elements, TON Swap, and TON Bridge.

Alexander Filatov is the co-founder and CEO of TON Labs, the core developer of the Everscale network — a decentralized, community-driven blockchain and its major component — Ever OS. Filatov is an entrepreneur and former corporate executive with 25 years of experience. He works with over 200 people working full-time on the network and over 400 validators globally.

The Everscale founders' mission is to provide decentralized app (DApp) developers with a very accessible ecosystem with a smart contract and a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

How Does Everscale Work

Everscale platform runs on a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and boasts over 400 global validators. The validators implore Byzantine fault tolerance to presuppose the presence of validator votes.

Everscale platform comprises a group of workchains, shardchains, and their blocks in sync with a masterchain to obtain ledgers.

The TON Bridge links the Everscale blockchain to other blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon, allowing users to transfer their assets from a Layer 1 chain with high transaction fees to a new chain with close to zero transaction fees.

How to Buy Everscale coin

EVER is listed for trading on a growing number of centralized exchanges, including HuobiGlobal, Gate.io, KuCoin, and decentralized exchanges such as FlatQube.

You must compare the platforms that support the EVER token, including their reputation, fees, accepted crypto coins and fiat currencies, etc., and sign up for an exchange account to start trading.

Check the Everscale live market cap, EVER price live data, EVER price change in the last 24 hours, and view the current top Everscale markets across all cryptocurrency exchanges for trading in Everscale token stock based on the highest 24h volume on CoinStats.

Continue in CoinStats app, track prices in real-time and make the most of our EVER to USD converter.

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