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KlimaDAO 가격






KlimaDAO 가격 차트 (KLIMA)


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KlimaDAO 가격 업데이트

KlimaDAO price is $3.88, 위 0.42% in the last 24 hours, and the live market cap is $36,990,869. It has circulating supply of 9,536,102 KLIMA coins and a max supply of 9,536,102 KLIMA alongside $1,617,944 24h trading volume.


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KlimaDAO에 대하여

Klima DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and DeFi protocol that has a real-world impact on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Klima DAO aims to incentivize projects and entrepreneurs to make a profit while reducing their carbon footprint via tokenized carbon credits in the form of its native KLIMA token, a carbon-backed, algorithmic currency.

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What Is Klima DAO?

Klima DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and DeFi protocol that aims to drive climate action via its native Klima Token, a carbon-backed, algorithmic currency.

Klima DAO employs the power of blockchain technology in solving the burning global issue of climate change. It generates tokenized carbon credits in the form of its native KLIMA token, which is always backed by a Base Carbon Tonne (BCT). Tokenized carbon credits is a new reserve currency with a real-world impact on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Klima DAO incentivizes projects and entrepreneurs to make a profit while reducing their carbon footprint. It allows web 3 builders/users to participate in the carbon markets and drives climate action by accelerating the price of carbon assets. Klima DAO can influence real-world markets by increasing the supply of KLIMA, which decreases the supply of carbon offsets in the traditional carbon markets.

The protocol allows users to earn rewards by participating in KLIMA staking.

Klima DAO and the Carbon Market

The Klima DAO ecosystem was developed and maintained by a group of environmentalists, developers, and entrepreneurs, aiming to use blockchain technology to improve global climate change. In so doing, they set up a system that rewards positive climate actions, incentivizing companies to reduce their carbon emissions and operate in ways favorable to the global climate.

Klima DAO participates in carbon markets by creating a voluntary carbon emission offset market for Carbon reduction. This could be realized either by increased carbon storage or by reductions in Greenhouse gas emissions.

The Klima DAO ecosystem simply connects companies that emit a lot of carbon to those who can facilitate Carbon reduction. Businesses or entities that are clean or can facilitate large amounts of carbon reduction buy carbon emission offsets and sell them to carbon-heavy businesses looking to offload.

Companies that emit a lot of carbon and stand the risk of crossing the benchmark set by Climate regulatory bodies can do something about their situation by buying Carbon emission offsets.

The Klima DAO ecosystem brings on board a long chain of carbon emission offsets in the form of Base Carbon Tonnes tokens that form the building block of the Klima Coin.


The Klima DAO is an open-source Web 3-activated community. It operates on the energy-efficient Ethereum Layer 2 solution, Polygon. Klima DAO is not an "official" fork of Olympus DAO; however, the two projects are affiliated. Olympus also has a small share of KLIMA as part of its treasury, and several Olympus DAO contributors contribute to Klima DAO.

The KLIMA Token

The KLIMA token is KlimaDAO's native protocol token. KLIMA is a fungible ERC 20 token with some unique features, making it an all-around rare coin. The KLIMA token belongs to the rebase token category, i.e., a cryptocurrency where the supply is algorithmically adjusted to control its price. 

The KLIMA token is backed by a real-world carbon asset. Tokens are used to offset carbon emissions, interact with DeFi applications, and get exposure to the rapidly growing global carbon market.

A new KLIMA token is minted when a minimum of one Base Carbon Tonnes (BCT) is locked. The BCT or carbon credits, as discussed above, are chains of carbon emission offsets committed to removing one tone of carbon.

According to the Klima DAO team, KLIMA tokens are minted and distributed automatically every ~7 hours to staked KLIMA holders.

Since it was launched or listed, the highest and lowest price for this asset are $3,777.3 and $3.26, respectively.

Klima DAO Founders

Takeshi Nojima is the founder of Klima Dao, and the core team remains pseudonymous. The founders' goal is to motivate people to fight climate change by rewarding them with the KLIMA token.

The founding community mainly comprises environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and developers hoping to incentivize positive participation in climate change initiatives.

Klima Dao has raised a total of $17m since its launch, and the Klima team claims to have absorbed 17,715,34 tons of carbon since it launched. Klima DAO is funded by PetRock Capital.

Their mission statement reads: 

We are building a future where the cost of carbon to the climate is embedded into our economic system, through the creation and governance of a carbon-backed cryptocurrency that aligns incentives between stakeholders, civil society, and organizations.”

How Does Klima Dao Work?

To get a clear picture of how the Klima DAO ecosystem works, we'll highlight some of its key components and how they work together to make up the ecosystem.

Base Carbon Tonnes

These are on-chain carbon emission offsets in the form of tokens. These BCT tokens are backed by carbon emission offsets committed to removing one tone of carbon emission.

Toucan Carbon Bridge

The Toucan Carbon Bridge is a very complex infrastructure that enables users to bring their real-world carbon offsets and get them tokenized. The bridge serves as a link between DeFi and the real world and helps the Klima DAO ecosystem to make changes in the real world.

The Klima Dao Treasury

The Klima DAO treasury is the headquarters of the Klima Dao ecosystem, where 1 new KLIMA token is minted whenever 1 base carbon tonne is locked up. This way, a tonne of carbon is removed whenever a KLIMA token is minted.

How to Buy Klima Dao?

Klima Dao can be bought in three ways depending on the crypto proficiency of the buyer:

  1. Using Cards (Beginner Level)
  2. On a Decentralized exchange (An Intermediate user) 
  3. Bonding carbon assets (An Expert).

Buying Klima Dao With Cards 

To buy Klima Dao with a Credit/Debit card, you need to download Metamask and connect it to the Klima Dao app. The Klima Dao app has some basic and simple instructions on how to complete the purchase. 

Buying Klima Dao on a Decentralized Exchange 

A prospective buyer with intermediate proficiency can buy Klima Dao on a Decentralized exchange.

KLIMA can be found on Sushi Swap, but we recommend using a DEX aggregator called Zapper. Connect your wallet to Zapper, which will route your trade through the best DEX available. You also need a Metamask here. 

Buying Klima Dao With Bonding Carbon Assets.

Bonding is the process of depositing carbon assets in exchange for discounted KLIMA. This is an expert-level way to purchase Klima Dao and isn't recommended for beginners.

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