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Medibloc 가격






Medibloc 가격 차트 (MED)


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Medibloc 가격 업데이트

Medibloc 가격은 $0.01516, 최근 24시간 동안 위 2.41% 이며, 실시간 시장 캡은 $125,573,814입니다. 순환 공급량은 9,584,049,164 MED 코인이며, 최대 공급량은 9,584,049,164이며, 24시간 거래량은 $16,050,589입니다.


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Medibloc에 대하여

Blockchain technology, a virtual ledger capable of recording and verifying a high volume of digital transactions, can potentially disrupt the traditional finance world. Since blockchains operate through a decentralized platform requiring no intermediaries and making them resistant to fraud, its use cases are expanding, including the following sectors:

  • Financial services
  • Travel & mobility
  • Infrastructure & energy
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Retail & CPG
  • Agriculture & natural resources
  • Information & communication
  • Entertainment
  • Enterprise tech.

Medibloc is what happens when blockchain technology meets the health sector. MediBloc is a blockchain-based decentralized healthcare information ecosystem that provides an all-in-one solution to patients, healthcare providers, and medical researchers.

Medibloc MED coin is the protocol's native coin.

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Let's get started! 

What Is Medibloc

MediBloc is a blockchain-powered data management system that makes the supply and consumption of medical data more efficient and cheaper than traditional methods. It aims to create a patient-centric decentralized healthcare ecosystem by giving patients sovereignty and autonomy over their medical data that can be shared quickly and safely.

With blockchain technology, Medibloc gives patients total control over their medical history. It provides confidentiality according to Hippa regulations and airtight security powered by a Private key accessible to only the patient. By giving an immutable patient data record, patients can be assured that sensitive information is only shared with their knowledge and consent.

Healthcare professionals and data analysts also benefit from immutable, reliable medical records stored on the blockchain. Medical records and a patient's history are crucial in diagnosing a patient. The blockchain-powered data management helps aggregate and compile all the tiny bits of a patient's medical records scattered across all the hospitals they have ever visited for proper diagnosis.

Medibloc unique features include: 

  • Worldwide data interoperability: Global exchange of real-time information among the medical community. 
  • The ERC20 MED token reward system encourages data owners to contribute to the data ecosystem through profit empowerment. 

MED Coin

Medibloc protocol's native coin is the MED coin. MediBloc uses two different tokens: the MED coin (MED) and the MEDX token. The former is a crypto token used for giving access and making purchases, while the latter is a token designed only for the MediBloc network.

Holders of the previous MEDX or MED token converted their assets to the native MED coin launched on Panacea. Also, MED coin holders can store their funds using the project’s own desktop MediBloc Wallet.

The highest price paid for MED coin since it was launched or listed was $ 0.352768.

Gov Capital's MediBloc price prediction suggests that the MED coin price might reach $0.14423197 in one year. It also suggests that by the end of 2024, the minimum price of the coin may be around $0.0879214. As per the predictions, the maximum price may be $0.1292961 with an average trading price of $0.1034369.

Medibloc Founders

Medibloc was founded by Allen Wookyun Kho and Eunsol Lee in 2017.

It's based in Gibraltar and funded by NAVER D2 Startup Factory and Hashed.

Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho and Dr. Eunsol Lee decided to develop a blockchain-enabled data exchange service to provide an efficient information system to patients, doctors, and researchers.

Dr. Kho worked as the lead software engineer for Galaxy S with a specialization in the field of peer-to-peer network at Samsung Electronics. Later, he changed his career to become a dental surgeon and practiced medicine for a few years.

Dr. Lee is a certified physician specializing in radiology and biomedical informatics.

A team of fellow software engineers, developers, and blockchain researchers support the project.

How Does Medibloc Work

MediBloc is a DApp platform that runs on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The platform’s structure is comprised of three layers to ensure the best functioning:

  • Core Layer

The Core layer is responsible for providing extra storage space since healthcare data is huge and requires a lot of storage. It's secured with some of the best encryption technologies and uses private keys, meaning only the owner or authorized personnel can access the data.

  • Service Layer

This layer connects the Core layer with the Application layer and facilitates data exchange through smart contracts.

  • Application Layer

The Application layer allows users to use various apps and access the data.

The three layers function together to power the Medibloc Dapp.

How to Buy Medibloc

The top cryptocurrency exchanges to buy or sell MediBloc MED are currently Gate.io, Upbit, Bithumb, Bittrex, and Korbit. 

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