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Avalanche Fiyat






Avalanche Fiyat Grafiği (AVAX)


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Nov 21, 2021

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Dec 31, 2020

Avalanche Fiyat Güncellemesi

Avalanche price is $31,59, aşağı -2.52% in the last 24 hours, and the live market cap is $12.431.890.287. It has circulating supply of 393,290,118 AVAX coins and a max supply of 442,636,229 AVAX alongside $314.116.472 24h trading volume.


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Avalanche Hakkında

 What Is Avalanche

Avalanche is an open-source platform for running decentralized finance applications and implementing enterprise and public blockchains in one highly scalable ecosystem.

Avalanche launched on September 21, 2020, embodying the vision for a scalable and productive smart contract platform outlined by the developers in 2018. However, this is where the development of the "Internet of finance" in the ecosystem is just beginning. The project has ambitious plans to simplify access to financial markets for a wide range of users and integrate various blockchains into a single connected ecosystem. Unlike legacy networks, which have only one blockchain and one set of validators, Avalanche is a heterogeneous network of many blockchains and sets of validators.

AVA virtual machines make it easy to install a blockchain-based decentralized application. Developers can write Virtual Machines in Go, rather than in poorly used, poorly understood languages ​​like Solidity.

The platform has built-in support for creating and trading smart digital assets with a customizable set of rules that define its behavior, allowing users to get the functionality they want.

Avalanche founders

Ava Labs has three co-founders, including Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Avalanche. He has a long history of involvement with Bitcoin and decentralized networks.

Like Sirer, co-founders Kevin Sekniqi and Maofan "Ted" Yin are also affiliated with Cornell University. Sirer is an advisor to Yin, who is defending his doctoral thesis in computer science.

How Does AVAX work

Avalanche is a decentralized asset trading platform that enables anyone to launch and use it. Its unique network provides subsecond transaction confirmations.Developers aim to create a one-stop shop for all forms of asset trading. They can build digital representations of any asset and trade according to predefined parameters.

Anyone can use the components of the Avalanche platform to create a standardized blockchain that can be private or public and tailored for specific applications. Such blockchains are compatible with each other and function in a single ecosystem. Avalanche as a whole is an ecosystem of blockchains that can be configured to perform any function far beyond basic capabilities.

The AVAX token is a native payment method for users of Avalanche. It is used for processing transactions and collecting fees. AVAX is a symbol of many ideas and realities both converging in the project and indirectly related to it. X is a symbol and a reminder that the value of even a decentralized and global network is determined by the connections that it can form.

AVAX has a limited supply, which helps maintain its price. Its robust validation system and the burning of commissions make it an attractive alternative to other staking platforms.

Avalanche Network

Avalanche employs a PoS protocol to keep coins secure. Avalanche solves the vulnerability issue by changing control so that an attacker cannot covertly reach the required consensus.

System participants can change their essential economic parameters by changing external conditions. Key parameters such as the minimum amount of assets for staking and the order of reward can be dynamically changed while maintaining the maximum limit on the amount of the assets to be issued.

Avalanche's developers have created the "Snow" family of protocols that allow all chains in the ecosystem to conduct thousands of transactions per second. In addition, these protocols permit transactions to be completed in a few seconds, while some other systems can take an hour or more.

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