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График цен BombCrypto (BCOIN)


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Рыночная капитализация
$2 963 471
Полная разводненная оценка
$3 999 849
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All Time High

Nov 29, 2021

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Nov 2, 2023

3 345,33%
Обновление цены BombCrypto

Цена BombCrypto составляет $0,04002, изменение за последние 24 часа выше 13.31% , а актуальная капитализация составляет $2 963 471. В обращении находится объем поставки 100,000,000 BCOIN монет и макс. объем поставки 100,000,000 вместе с объемом торгов за 24 часа $2,22.


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О BombCrypto

What Is Bomb Crypto

Bomb Crypto is a play-to-earn game based on the Binance Smart Chain. Players can participate in different levels, battle monsters, receive tokens, acquire new heroes, etc. Each hero in the game is an NFT which gives a player unique ownership rights. Players can hunt for other NFT items like decorations during the game. They can later sell their NFTs on the marketplace and make a profit.

Game heroes have different stats. Players can upgrade them to enhance performance and fighting ability.

Bomb Crypto's native utility token BCOIN is used for playing, exchanging, and trading on the ecosystem. In addition, BCOIN holders can take part in the game's development. They need to stake BCOIN tokens to receive voting rights, in-game rewards and VIP privileges such as access to the increasing level of incentives.

Tokens are used for receiving tickets to in-game events like a boss and battle royale. Paying with BCOINs, users can also create clans to fight against other monsters and raise their energy levels.

Bomb Crypto today is in the middle of its roadmap. Among other steps, the game has launched rescue missions and a native NFT marketplace, where players can trade their heroes.

How Does Bomb Crypto Work

Bomb Crypto is a blockchain game using the GameFi model, according to which players can earn crypto and NFT rewards by completing tasks and overcoming levels. The number of earned tokens depends on how often the user plays and what mode they select.

There are three modes available on the gaming platform: treasure hunt mode, story mode, and battle mode. 

Treasury Mode

In Treasury Hunt mode, bomber heroes find BCOIN crypto assets by putting bombs in the mining areas. These bombs explode, destroy the blocks, and discover BCOINs. Heroes can work without being controlled by the user.

The mission is to clear the map as fast as possible and earn profits. To increase the chances of this, a player needs to use several heroes. By placing bombs, heroes consume energy. When they run out of energy, heroes enter a resting state. To recover the energy of their game characters fast, players can buy a House.

Bomber heroes have different rarity levels: common, rare, super rare, epic to legend. Also, bomber heroes have 5 power stats:

  • Power, which describes the bomb's destructive power
  • Bomb range - the length when the bomb explodes
  • Stamina - the energy of the hero
  • Speed - the speed of movement
  • Bomb - the number of bombs that can be placed
  • Ability - random strength

According to a stat, each hero will be different. Higher rarity means stronger power stat. 

Story Mode

Here players choose a certain hero for each level. To complete a level, the hero needs to fight and destroy all the monsters on its way. Players earn BCOIN when the hero defeats monsters.

If the character is touched by a monster, it will lose energy. If energy drops to zero, the hero will lose the battle.

Battle Mode

In this mode, players compete against other players. As an entry fee, they need to pay tokens. Also, the hero needs a certain type of energy. The winner of the fight receives the rewards of the losers' tokens.

Players with a hero that has good stats and high rarity are more likely to win.

Bomb Crypto Founders

Bomb Crypto was launched by the Vietnamese game development company Senspark in September 2021. The company, founded by serial game entrepreneur Lam Ho has around 10 years of experience in the field.

Among the popular games by Senspark are Stickman Battle, Galaxy Shooter, All Gold Miner Game, etc. Currently, Senspark is focused on building a metaverse gateway via NFT games.

BCOIN Token Metric


Before the launch of Bomb Crypto, the Senspark team released the BCOIN cryptocurrency in a decentralized exchange offering (IDO) through Launch Zone in September 2021. 2 million BCOIN tokens were allocated during the sale with the Bomcrypto price being $0.1.

The total supply of BCOIN tokens is 100,000,000. Tokens are distributed as the following:

  • Private Sale - 6%
  • Initial DEX Offering - 2%
  • PancakeSwap listing - 1%
  • Play-to-earn - 20%
  • Staking reward - 20%
  • Ecosystem fund - 6%
  • Team - 25%
  • Advisors - 3%
  • DEX liquidity - 5%
  • Reserve - 12%
    Initially, the P2E Rewards Pool had 20 million tokens. However, the number isn't fixed. It will be continuously added by the company to reward players.

As of September 28, 2022, BCOIN has a circulating supply of over 10.5 million tokens. The Bombcrypto price is volatile. Different factors such as general market trends, supply and demand have their impact on it. Currently, the Bombcrypto price hovers at around $0.01. The highest price paid for the coin since its launch is $8.77 recorded on November 29, 2021. At its lowest level, the Bombcrypto price was on September 12, 2022. At the time, the token traded for $0.009829.

BCOIN's current market cap is around $136,000 and its trading volume is around $602,000.

How to Play Bomb Crypto

It's possible to play Bomb Crypto on the website or download the mobile app for Android devices. As of September 27, 2022, Bomb Crypto isn't available on IoS, but the website mentions that this option is coming soon. To start playing, users need to have at least 10 BCOINs. The coins are needed for buying a hero and starting your experience. Here are the steps to start playing Bomb Crypto. 

  1. Download MetaMask or other wallet supported by the game
    With the first step, you will need to download a Metamask wallet. For computers, there is a desktop extension. If you are going to play using a mobile phone, you'll need to download the mobile app.
  2. Set up your Metamask wallet
    Next, you will need to create an account and set up your crypto wallet. It's important not to share the private keys of your wallet.
  3. Purchase BUSD coins and convert them to BCOIN
    After setting up the wallet, it's necessary to connect to a crypto exchange and buy BUSD tokens. Next, comes the swap of the acquired tokens for BCOIN, Bomb Crypto's in-game currency.
  4. Connect your funded wallet to the game and start playing
    Using your wallet coins, you can buy a bomb hero and start your experience. The game typically starts with the Treasury Hunt mode. Later, you can buy a house to allow your heroes to recover their energy and upgrade your characters if you want to advance in Bomb Crypto

How to Buy Bombcrypto

You can buy Bombcrypto BCOIN on different cryptocurrency exchanges, including LBank, M, Bilaxy, and Latoken.

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