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Our Editorial Process

CoinStats follows the following three-step process before publishing a post:

1. Our editor checks the material for publication for grammatical, typographical, stylistic, and compositional errors and prepares it for proofreading. The editor revises the draft, verifies its factual accuracy, relevance, etc., and rewrites text where necessary to make it easier for readers to understand, fix wordiness, etc. The high-quality editing also ensures the piece is consistent with other content, aligned with our content strategy, and the CoinStats style guide. 

2. Our proofreader carefully reviews the final draft after it has gone through the editing process to detect any typos or minor spelling, grammatical, punctuation, etc., errors that weren’t fixed in the editing process and ensure it is accurate and ready to be published.

3. Our qualified experts across each subject area we cover review the final draft and give feedback to improve the content before it is published and ensure its high quality and accuracy. 

Our Principles

Content on CoinStats blog is based on three core principles.

Accuracy and relevance: Our editors take responsibility for the accuracy of the published content to ensure it can be credited as a source of information. We also seek out useful content that solves specific problems for a targeted audience.

Impartiality: In addition to being original, relevant and valuable, we also ensure our articles are impartial, credible, and objective. They aim to be away from biases and toward empowering potential or advanced investors to help them fulfill their potential and make well-informed decisions.

Ethics: We are committed to publishing honest, transparent, thorough, valuable, and respectful content.