• Wallet with Military-Grade Security

    Coin Stats Secure Wallet utilizes the hardware that's already in 1.6 billion phones to provide FIPS 140-2 based, military-grade security.

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  • Send Crypto as Easily as Messaging

    Privately and securely send crypto assets as easily as a message, using your existing messengers like WhatsApp, LINE or Kakao. Never make a copy-paste error again.

  • Fully Guaranteed

    We're so confident in our hardware-based security that we will fully guarantee the contents of your wallet. For every $10 worth of KEYS you hold, we guarantee $100 worth of other crypto assets. It really is that simple. No fees, just KEYS.

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  • Over 220 coins already supported

    Coin Stats Secure Wallet supports major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, dozens of altcoins, loyalty points, and private key management. More than a cryptocurrency wallet, a complete, secure environment.

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