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BTC Dominance Chart


Key Market Stats

Bitcoin Market Cap
Total Market Cap
Weekly Range
49.67 - 52.04%

About Bitcoin Dominance Indicator

Bitcoin, the first commercial cryptocurrency, has a significant metric known as BTC dominance. This metric is a tradable indicator represented by the BTC Dominance Chart. Initially, Bitcoin held 100% of the crypto market share, but with the emergence of other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin and Ethereum, its dominance began to decrease. However, it remains an essential metric to gauge the overall state of the crypto market.

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Bitcoin Dominance Chart: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

What is the Bitcoin Dominance Chart?

The Bitcoin Dominance Chart is a visual representation that showcases the dominance of Bitcoin in comparison to the entire cryptocurrency market. It's calculated as (BTC market cap/ total crypto market cap) x 100. This chart provides insights into how dominant Bitcoin is relative to other cryptocurrencies.

How has Bitcoin's dominance changed over time?

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and initially held 100% of the market share. However, with the introduction of other cryptocurrencies, its dominance began to decrease. Factors such as the value of Bitcoin, the emergence of altcoins, the popularity of stablecoins, and market conditions can impact Bitcoin's dominance.

How can the Bitcoin Dominance Chart be used for investing?

The Bitcoin Dominance Chart can be an effective tool for investors. A rising dominance indicates that Bitcoin is growing compared to other altcoins, which could signify a bear market or that Bitcoin is showing aggressive price action in a bull market. Conversely, a decreasing dominance might hint at the growing popularity of altcoins. By analyzing the dominance chart in conjunction with Bitcoin prices, investors can gain insights into potential market trends and make informed decisions.

How can the Bitcoin Dominance Chart predict the altcoin season?

When the Bitcoin Dominance Chart shows a decline, especially in a bull market, it can indicate the onset of an altcoin season. This is a period when altcoins experience significant growth in valuation compared to Bitcoin. A downtrending dominance chart in a bull market suggests that altcoins are gaining more traction and popularity among investors.

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