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TON Explorer & Wallet Tracker

Connect your wallet for detailed analytics and its ranking.

Manage Your Crypto, DeFi & NFTs From One Place

No matter how diverse your crypto assets and interests are, CoinStats has got you covered. With CoinStats, you can:

Connect, track, and manage all your CeFi, DeFi & NFT assets from one platform

Monitor the crypto market via customizable price alerts

Connect multiple exchanges and crypto wallets

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Analyze Your Assets

Switching between tabs, you can check on your crypto, DeFi & NFT holdings, put them in chart form, check the full transaction history, and monitor your open orders.
You can check:

Profit and Loss analysis that shows the overall performance in a given period

Average buy and sell price of your investments

The most/least profitable coins, the total value of deposits and withdrawals

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Your Portfolio vs the Market

Is your portfolio outperforming the market, matching it, or underperforming? It's time to put your portfolio into perspective by comparing it to the market overall.
Depending on this metric, you can make a decision to diversify more, check how you stack up in terms of volatility, or make the necessary changes to enhance performance.

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Swap With Best Rates

Swap your crypto assets without leaving the app and catch all the trending coins. We go above and beyond to give you the easiest and most user-centric swapping experience on the market. On CoinStats, you're maximizing liquidity and optimizing your swapping automatically.
We aggregate the best swap paths across multiple liquidity sources to optimize your swapping. This means that you'll always access the best swap rates on various chains.

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Everybody 🧡s Us

The trusted portfolio manager of 1 million people worldwide.

Tyson H.

Easy access to price across all coins, easy to use and awesome place to stay in touch of all of portfolio across multiple wallets.

Eddie Moon

I have used CoinStats every single day. You can connect your portfolio from multiple different exchanges into this one app. It will also show your percentage allocation of the crypto that you are holding.

Rouben P.

If you are serious about cryptocurrency and everything related, then CoinStats is your one stop place to do everything you need to manage all your digital assets.

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69.6K reviews


Best for conducting advanced crypto research


Best for conducting advanced crypto research


What's a crypto portfolio tracker?

A crypto tracker is a tool or application that helps crypto traders track the prices and performance of their crypto assets. Crypto portfolio trackers provide real-time updates on the current market, crypto prices move, trading volumes, market caps, and other relevant data about cryptocurrencies.
Some crypto trackers also offer features such as price alerts, portfolio management, and analysis tools that help crypto investors make informed decisions. Many crypto trackers allow users to monitor multiple exchanges simultaneously, providing a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency market.

What to look for in a good portfolio tracker?

Typically, a good portfolio tracker will have:


An intuitive interface


Top-notch security


Integration with many wallets and exchanges


Real-time tracking & advanced alerts


In-depth analytics


Fair cost


Additional crypto services


Track your crypto on Binance, Coinbase and more.


Manage assets on Trust Wallet, MetaMask and more.

DeFi Protocols

Track and manage all your DeFi protocols and 10+ chains.


Track and manage any coin, set custom alerts and more.

Get the Answers to All Your Questions

Wondering what you can do with CoinStats or how to go Premium? Find the answers below!

Are crypto portfolio trackers safe?

It depends. You must be aware of the kind of access you're giving to your portfolio tracker. CoinStats, for instance, applies the highest standards of security, protecting users from both internal and external threats. Plus, for most of our functionality, we require read-only access to your cryptocurrency portfolio, making the risk of your data being hacked or otherwise compromised basically zero.

How do I start a crypto portfolio?

There are many ways you can buy cryptocurrencies, including traditional brokerage services, crypto exchanges, and even payment services. All have their advantages and disadvantages. Once you've made your choice of platform, you should open an account and fund it with your bank card. You're now ready to place your first crypto order! Make sure to do thorough research and invest in coins that you think have great prospects. After you buy crypto, it'll typically be stored in the crypto wallet attached to the exchange. However, you might want other secure options. Check out this article for more details.
If you're a part of CoinStats community, you can buy crypto on best terms right from your portfolio page.

How do I make a good crypto portfolio?

Building up a good crypto portfolio is no easy feat: Best results are achieved when you have genuine unwaning interest for the innovations in the ecosystem. You should start by understanding various asset classes in crypto: tokens, coins, NFTs, and stablecoins. Then you should choose an active or passive style of crypto portfolio management. It is also essential that you define your investment goals and risk tolerance, devising a crypto investment strategy that fits your needs and goals.In the next stage, you should closely monitor your investments, set alerts and benchmarks, keep track of market trends, and be prepared to make the necessary changes as you go along. You can read more about getting started in crypto or, if you're looking for something more advanced, learn about all the key metrics for crypto portfolio analysis.

How do I connect my wallets to CoinStats?

You can connect your wallet:
By inputting your wallet address.
Go to the Portfolio Tracker page, click Connect Wallet, search for the wallet you want to connect, input the wallet address, and click Connect. That's it!
By scanning your wallet's QR code (on mobile app only).Go to the Portfolio tab, tap on the three dots, click Add Portfolio, search for the wallet you want to connect, scan the QR code, and click Submit. Done!

What can I do on CoinStats?

With CoinStats, you can manage your entire portfolio – crypto, DeFi, and NFTs – from a single app. You can buy, swap, track, and earn up to 20% APY on your crypto, all in one place.
Additionally, you can generate your crypto tax report in just a few clicks, track your NFT collection, receive smart alerts about valuable finds in the NFT market, get key coin insights and in-depth analytics, set up customized alerts, receive the crypto news of the day, check various indexes and calculators, unlock exclusive rewards & more.
We are constantly working to expand our functionality and keep up with the trends of the ecosystem.

How can I subscribe to CoinStats?

To get CoinStats Premium and our full toolset of portfolio tracking and management, you need to go to our Pricing page and pick the monthly or yearly plan. With Premium, you can connect multiple portfolios, receive smart alerts about the NFT market, check out your profit/loss analysis, and much more!

Can I get a lifetime subscription to CoinStats Premium?

Of course! Just navigate to the Pricing page, scroll down to the Lifetime Subscription section and click Buy Now. Pay just $399 and enjoy effortless portfolio tracking forever!