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Orbs-Powered dLIMIT & dTWAP Protocols Integrated by Lynex

5M ago




Orbs-Powered dLIMIT & dTWAP Protocols Integrated by Lynex

One of the biggest DEXs on Linea, Lynex, has integrated the Orb-powered dLIMIT & dTWAP protocol. Consequently, both advanced order types will now be available to Lynex traders, allowing them to split big orders into smaller transactions or guarantee the price of their orders. This release comes after successful integrations with a number of other well-known DEXs, such as BaseSwap, Thena, and QuickSwap. With each integration, dLIMIT and dTWAP highlight Orbs’ cutting-edge layer 3 technology for expanding the possibilities of smart contract technology, further establishing Orbs’ leadership position in DeFi innovation.

The Orbs project created the completely decentralized, permissionless, and composable DeFi protocols dLIMIT and dTWAP, which are supported by the Orbs network. This is dTWAP and dLIMIT’s ninth integration.  With dLimit facilitating limit orders for single transactions and dTWAP permitting the execution of popular algorithmic trading methods in a decentralized way that was previously unavailable, Lynex traders will now have free access to the advanced order types.

Staked with TVL worth more than $100 million, Orbs is a decentralized protocol run by a public network of permissionless validators utilizing proof of stake. By using its decentralized network to augment the functionality of current EVM smart contracts, Orbs pioneers the notion of L3 infrastructure, hence creating a vast array of new opportunities for Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, and GameFi.

Trade DeFi like a Expertise

Over $9.3 million worth of transactions were supported by Lynex in November. By adding dLIMIT & dTWAP to the DEX’s present services, the project may be able to grow its trade volume via yet another channel. 

For the uninitiated, a limit order enables users to purchase or sell tokens at a specific price or above. Although the stated price is guaranteed, the order’s execution is not and is subject to changes in the market. Only when the market price satisfies the order requirements will limit orders be filled.

By breaking down big orders into smaller chunks that are executed gradually, a TWAP order, on the other hand, is an algorithmic trading approach designed to lessen the influence of large orders on the market. This strategy reduces the influence on prices by executing smaller orders, or it allows traders to progressively buy different assets over a predetermined period. This is especially helpful in DeFi since pools take time to rebalance.

Both of these important conventional finance orders are now available to Lynex’s traders without compromising decentralization. 

dLIMIT and dTWAP Orders Setup

Users are given an order history page to monitor past transactions and an intuitive user interface when they switch to a dLIMIT “swap” on Lynex. 

The following details must be provided by traders before executing a dLIMIT order: 

  • From: The token they now possess 
  • To: The token they want to swap for 
  • Limit price: Trades will only be carried out when the market price is either equal or superior to the limit price.

Prices, gas fees, and market circumstances are all taken into consideration by dLIMIT. After establishing the settings, the user may make the order, authorize the particular source token, and watch their order in real time under the “order history” page.

Three further parameters need to be given for a dTWAP order:

  • No. of Intervals: This option lets the user choose how many transactions each one should make. The projected trading period and the total number of transactions needed to execute the order are automatically determined by the user interface.
  • Max Duration: the longest period of time that may be used to complete all of the individual transactions that make up a full dTWAP order.
  • Trade Interval: determines the amount of time that separates a single transaction. This parameter is editable by the user, which also modifies the associated trade size and number parameters.

Like dLIMIT, these parameters provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of personalizing each order while accounting for other variables such as current gas fees and market circumstances. Furthermore, the user interface (UI) allows for the execution of dTWAP-market orders, which execute all transactions at the current market price, as well as dTWAP-limit orders, which execute individual trades only if they fall inside the user-set price limit. The user may authorize the particular source token, make the order, and verify their requested configuration when these parameters are configured.

Redefining Decentralized Exchanges’ Trading Standards

For decentralized algorithmic orders in DeFi, the dLIMIT & dTWAP protocols—powered by Orbs L3 technology—have emerged as the industry standard. 

Nine well-known DEXs across six chains have adopted the protocol so far, enabling trade volume exceeding $10 million. 

Join the Telegram support channel to learn more about both advanced order types.

Find out more info:

dTWAP webpage

dLIMIT webpage 


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