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BladeSwap Loot Box Guide: Airdrop Claims Simplified





BladeSwap, a pioneering platform in the DeFi space, is redefining the trading experience with its innovative features and rewards system. Among its most enticing offerings are the Blast Points and Blast Gold, assets that users can earn through various activities on the platform. This guide delves into how you can claim loot boxes for airdrops, unlocking a treasure trove of rewards that BladeSwap offers.


Understanding Blast Points and Blast Gold

Blast Points (Bridged Asset Points)

Since November 20th, users who have bridged ETH/USD to the Blast launch bridge have been earning points proportional to their balance over time. By depositing in BladeSwap, you continue to accrue Points, visible on the Blast Point dashboard. The Vault contract of BladeSwap credits all points in proportion to the amount of ETH/USDC LP and ETH/BLADE LP staking by users, ensuring no one misses out on the Blast airdrop.

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Blast Gold (Developer Points)

As the runner-up in the BigBang competition, BladeSwap was awarded a significant amount of Developer points. These points, known as Blast Gold, will be exchangeable for BLAST tokens in the future. BladeSwap commits to returning 100% of these Developer points and Gold to its loyal users through various methods, including the Daily Free Loot Box system, allowing users to claim the majority of the $Blast and $Blade airdrops.

Seasonal Distribution of Rewards

Season 1: NFT-Centric Distribution

  • Period: From BladeSwap Launch to March 28, 0 UTC
  • NFT Snapshot: April 4, 0 UTC

Season 1 emphasizes BladeSwap NFTs in the distribution of Blast Gold, with the allocation based on the number of BladeSwap NFTs each user possesses by tiers, determined by a snapshot post-April 4, 2024. After this date, BladeSwap NFTs will no longer be included in loot boxes.

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Season 2: Expanded Criteria for Distribution

  • Period: Starting March 28, 0 UTC

Season 2 broadens the criteria for Blast Gold distribution beyond BladeSwap NFTs, reflecting contributions to protocol growth. Blast Gold remains attainable via loot boxes, but the focus shifts from NFT-centric allocations.

Major Updates in Season 2

  • Elimination of NFTs in Loot Boxes: BladeSwap NFTs will cease to be part of loot boxes after April 4. Instead, BladeSwap Season 2 modules, non-tradeable and non-transferable, will be included.
  • BladeSwap Season 2 Modules Burn: Post-Blast Gold distribution, all Season 2 modules will be burned, setting the stage for the next distribution cycle.
  • Governance Scores and Loot Boxes: Governance scores will no longer grant loot boxes. Blast Gold will be distributed to $veBLADE voters post-TGE, independent of the loot box system.

BladeSwap’s Innovative Features

BladeSwap introduces native batch transactions, allowing users to chain multiple actions into a single atomic transaction, simplifying the DeFi process. The platform also offers real-time voting, transforming the conventional voting system into a more straightforward, farming-like experience with fungible ve tokens.

Farming Multiple Airdrops

By collecting Loot Boxes, users can farm multiple airdrops at once, including $BLADE and Gold, along with native yields.

Daily Free Loot Box

Every day, users can claim free loot boxes based on their previous epoch’s Swap/LP/Gov ranking tier. Rewards include a part of USDC/ETH Rebase yields, ETH gas refunds, Blast Gold, Partner tokens, and $BLADE airdrop points. For every five bonus boxes referred friends receive, you get one extra.

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Joining BladeSwap

BladeSwap isn’t just a platform; it’s an ecosystem designed to maximize user benefits through innovative trading solutions, rewards, and a community-centric approach. By joining, you step into a world where DeFi trading is efficient, rewarding, and exciting. Whether you’re looking to maximize yields, participate in governance, or simply enjoy the thrill of daily loot boxes, it offers a comprehensive and engaging experience for all its users.





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