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Amid Financial Uncertainty, Raffle Coin Promises THORChain & Fantom Holders 800% Returns






During the first quarter of 2024, assets that had drifted sideways for years finally managed a breakout. The price pattern of THORChain and Fantom were similar, with appreciation of 500 to 700% from bear market lows. Now, both assets look poised for a further drop, while Raffle Coin has other ideas, bearing gifts of a deeply discounted offer and a potential for new 800% returns. 

THORChain Loses 30% from Recent Peak

THORChain is a relatively successful project, offering secure bridging between different networks. The platform was resilient enough to absorb an exploit of its bridge, which erased about $8M in 2021. 

Now, THORChain trades around $7.29, down from a peak at $10.10 achieved in March. The rally in Q1 helped THORchain attain the highest volumes for trading, breaking above $1B for the first time. 

But as a sign of a turning tide, THORChain trading has also fallen off a cliff to levels more similar to the bear market. Traders may be moving out of the short-lived rally and looking for similar opportunities. One possible scenario for THORChain is to wait out for the local bottom, then potentially expect a new breakthrough, but this move could take days or weeks to come to fruition.

Fantom Dips Under $1 Again, Rally Breaks Down

Fantom has positioned itself well as the blockchain for applications and decentralized finance. But in terms of price, Fantom has not returned near its former bull market peak above $3.09. For now, Fantom traded around $0.81, after a brief hike above $1. Currently, it trades at $0.91 and looks set to hit the $1 mark once more, having appreciated by more than 9% in the past week.

For Fantom, a 300% percent growth would not be impossible, given the bull market activity. But this time, traders are moving fast between projects, aiming to catch coins in the climbing phase, while abandoning losers quickly. 

The Fantom frenzy may reach fever pitch again if the community starts building a new batch of meme tokens. Fantom offers easy tokenization, so the launch of those assets would be a matter of community enthusiasm. However, this does not guarantee growth for the central Fantom asset, as meme tokens gain all the attention.

Raffle Coin Poised to Grow from Stage 1 Token Sale Price

Raffle Coin is an upcoming Web3 platform, which will connect power users and players in an ecosystem of raffle games and trading. Currently, Raffle Coin is in stage 1 of its token sale, which guarantees value appreciation of the main asset. 

For growth seekers, Raffle Coin offers a mix of real economic activity and token scarcity. The community will be able to buy some of the 777,777,777 tokens in a series of presales with a growing price. The team will also have its allocation, but it will remain locked for 500 days. 

Raffle Coin users will also have lifetime benefits while holding the token. Additionally, mini-games and challenges will bring crypto bonuses and prizes. Raffle Coin will also work as a no-fee swapping service and a marketplace for physical items.

Check out the official website of Raffle Coin to find out more.





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