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Unlocking the Digital Future with OMI Crypto: A Dive into ECOMI’s VeVe Universe





spider-man omi crypto

The world of digital collectibles has undergone a remarkable transformation with the advent of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and leading this revolution is ECOMI’s VeVe platform, powered by its native cryptocurrency, OMI. As a digital powerhouse, OMI crypto plays a pivotal role in redefining how we perceive and engage with digital collectibles.

In this detailed article, we will embark on a comprehensive journey through the intricacies of OMI crypto and the dynamic ecosystem it supports within VeVe. From the origins of ECOMI to the deflationary nature of OMI and its role in the growing virtual goods market, we will explore the key aspects that make this crypto project a significant player in the crypto and NFT space.

The ECOMI Ecosystem and OMI Crypto

ECOMI, a tech company based in Singapore specializing in digital collectibles, consists of two key components: the VeVe app-based marketplace (formerly known as ECOMI Collect) and the ECOMI Secure Wallet. VeVe, ECOMI’s blockchain-powered digital collectibles marketplace, enables users to share and purchase collectibles within the social network service.

Accessible through the Collect app, VeVe offers a platform for users to acquire and own premium digital collectibles from renowned brands like Warner Bros., DC Comics, and Cartoon Network. The app’s marketplace caters to a wide range of collectibles, from common digital artworks to rare limited-edition items like weaponry. Users can seamlessly exchange collectibles through their smartphones within the vibrant VeVe community.

ECOMI sees digital collectibles as a novel asset class, providing intellectual property owners with fresh revenue streams in the digital realm. Given the substantial markets in gaming, digital streaming, and in-app purchases, ECOMI aims to meet the growing consumer demand by delivering a secure and cost-effective all-in-one digital platform.

At the core of this ecosystem lies OMI crypto, a native token that facilitates transactions within the VeVe platform. OMI serves as a medium of exchange for digital collectibles, offering users a seamless experience in acquiring, trading, and owning unique virtual assets. Each transaction involving OMI contributes to an immutable public record, ensuring a transparent and secure tracking of ownership.

Once an OMI token transaction is confirmed within the VeVe app, the details are permanently stored in the public domain. This meticulous record-keeping serves to prevent disputes over ownership and the presence of unauthorized items. VeVe users can further verify their OMI transactions by utilizing the GoChain Explorer.

The Rise of NFTs in the Ecomi Collect App

The Ecomi Collect app emerges as the gateway to the world of OMI-powered NFTs. By harnessing the power of OMI tokens, users gain access to an exclusive realm of digital collectibles and rare NFTs. OMI crypto enhances the user experience by unlocking unique digital assets and immersive augmented reality encounters.

As users navigate the Ecomi Collect app, the integration of OMI becomes evident in the seamless transactional processes and the exclusive opportunities it provides. The benefits of using OMI within this app extend beyond mere transactions, creating an ecosystem where digital ownership is elevated to new heights.

The VeVe Digital Collectibles Platform

Established in 2018 by David Yu and Dan Crothers, VeVe was conceived by collectors, for collectors, with the aim of bringing high-quality licensed digital collectibles and comics to the broader market. VeVe’s debut featured the release of the highly sought-after #100 Todd McFarlane Batman from the renowned Batman Black & White series.


Since then, VeVe has introduced a range of iconic limited edition collectibles, including Spider-Man, Darth Vader, Green Lantern, Miles Morales, and the Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse Partners Statue. VeVe goes beyond collectibles, offering fully readable digital comics that showcase the original covers. Exclusive VeVe cover variants are available for cherished comics such as The Incredible Hulk (1963) #1, Amazing Fantasy #15 – marking the first appearance of Spider-Man, Avengers (1963) #1, and many more.

VeVe, boasting a remarkable 8 million NFTs sold, stands as the premier mobile-centric digital collectibles platform and ranks among the highest-grossing Entertainment Apps in both the Google Play and Apple stores. With VeVe, users can effortlessly buy, sell, and engage with their digital collectibles directly on their smartphones. Adding to the immersive experience, VeVe’s augmented reality photo mode enables collectors to interact with each digital collectible. Users can share their favorites on VeVe’s in-app social feed or seamlessly post them on popular platforms.

As of March 2021, VeVe has pledged to deliver 100% carbon-neutral NFTs. VeVe achieves this by employing Ethereum’s layer 2 scaling protocol, Immutable X. This innovative approach ensures instant trade confirmation, impressive scalability (surpassing 9,000 trades per second), eliminates gas fees, and results in a remarkable 99.9% reduction in environmental footprint.

As mentioned above, the OMI crypto serves as a utility token specifically designed as the primary medium of exchange on the VeVe marketplace. Users have the opportunity to engage with fan communities of well-known franchises by acquiring licensed 2D and 3D digital models and artwork using OMI tokens. Additionally, users can enhance their experience by staking OMI coins, granting them access to exclusive premium features, including augmented reality.

The Deflationary Nature of OMI Crypto

OMI initially had a coin supply of 750 billion, with 20% earmarked for the initial OMI sale to support the project. The first funding round set a hard cap of 1500 BTC for OMI coins on BitForex, with BTC valued between $6,000 and $8,000 at the time, now exceeding $60,000. Currently, the OMI coin supply is at 166.2 billion.

The VeVe platform reserves 290.7 billion OMI (about 40%) for in-app purchases, while the VeVe Vault Wallet holds approximately 42.2 billion OMI as a precaution in the event of project liquidation. In addition to the circulating supply, 20% of the total OMI crypto supply is allocated to ECOMI business development, and another 20% is designated for board members and advisors.

Since the VeVe ecosystem’s inception, over 103 billion OMI tokens have been removed from circulation through token burns, reducing the initial OMI token supply to less than 647 billion units. Overall, OMI stands out in the crypto space due to its deflationary nature. The inherent deflationary mechanism creates a dynamic ecosystem, encouraging long-term investment and sustained engagement.

Unlike traditional fiat currencies subject to inflation, OMI crypto’s deflationary nature aligns with the principles of scarcity found in traditional collectibles. As users hold and transact with OMI, they actively participate in a system that rewards scarcity, fostering a unique economic model within the digital collectibles realm.

Accessibility is crucial for any cryptocurrency’s success, and OMI crypto has made its presence known across various exchanges. In contrast to widely recognized cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins, OMI tokens cannot be directly purchased with fiat currency.

To obtain OMI tokens, users need to initially purchase Ethereum (ETH) from a fiat-to-crypto exchange and subsequently transfer it to an exchange that facilitates OMI trading. For those seeking to buy OMI crypto at the present rate, the primary cryptocurrency exchanges for OMI trading include OKX, AscendEx, Bitforex, Uniswap, and Bitmart.

OMI’s Role in the Growing Virtual Goods Market

As the virtual goods market expands, OMI plays a central role in shaping how users perceive and interact with digital assets. OMI has a multifaceted role in the virtual goods market, showcasing its versatility and adaptability in a world increasingly driven by digital experiences. OMI doesn’t merely serve as a transactional tool; it acts as a bridge between the physical and digital realms, creating a sense of ownership and value in the virtual goods users collect.

The growing prominence of virtual goods in various industries underscores OMI crypto’s potential to redefine how we engage with digital assets and collectibles. In essence, the digital collectibles market is experiencing unprecedented growth, and OMI crypto is positioned at the forefront of this significant expansion.


OMI crypto and the VeVe universe curated by ECOMI present a compelling narrative in the rapidly evolving landscape of digital collectibles and NFTs. From the secure transactions facilitated by OMI to the immersive experience offered by VeVe, the combination of technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency is reshaping the way we perceive and interact with virtual assets.

As the digital collectibles market continues to thrive, OMI stands as a beacon of innovation, inviting users to unlock the digital future. This comprehensive exploration encourages readers to delve deeper into OMI and the ECOMI platform, fostering a greater appreciation for the exciting possibilities within the VeVe universe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

OMI crypto where to buy?

Achieving widespread accessibility is pivotal for the success of any cryptocurrency, and OMI crypto has made its mark on various crypto exchanges. For those interested in buying OMI crypto at the current rate, the main cryptocurrency exchanges for OMI trading include OKX, AscendEx, Bitforex, Uniswap, and Bitmart.

What is OMI crypto?

OMI crypto, exclusive to the ECOMI ecosystem, serves as the primary medium of exchange within the ECOMI crypto environment. Users can utilize OMI tokens to purchase, sell, and trade their digital collectibles on the VeVe platform. Additionally, OMI plays a crucial role in maintaining ownership records by recording every transaction.

How to buy OMI crypto?

Unlike well-known cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), OMI tokens are not directly purchasable with fiat currency. To buy OMI crypto, users must first buy ETH from a fiat-to-crypto exchange and then transfer it to an exchange that supports OMI trading.





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