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TOP 5 best ICO projects in November 2022

2y ago





You want to invest in ICO but don’t know which project to choose? Especially for you, we have listed the top 5 ICO projects in November 2022.

ICO is not easy enough for beginners to understand. Thus, the choice of which project to invest in becomes more complicated. First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the project and assess all the risks. To make it easier for you, we have prepared this article.

The best ICO projects in November 2022:

1. BlaBlaGame — The first crypto-based rock, paper, and scissors game. We recommend it! 

2. My Freedom Coin — The crashproof asset without risk of loan liquidations.

3. Maxxer — A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which is driven by community.

4. KubeCoin — Travel industry-focused project.

5. Tetrix Token — The first cryptocurrency that works together with augmented reality technology.

Let’s look at them in more detail.

1. BlaBlaGame and their BLA-token

We suggest you to start with the most fun and reliable project — BlaBlaGame! It is a first crypto Rock Paper Scissors game! has a truly outstanding goal of uniting the entire crypto community in the world.

You will play with real users, the rules of this game are known to everyone since childhood: rock wins scissors; paper wins rock; scissors win paper. The bids are in USDT or in the team’s own token — BLA token. The project currently has almost 1,000 users who have already played 13,700 games! If you play with USDT, the winner receives a reward with a 3% fee deducted from the total amount, but if you play with BLA token, the fee you’ll pay is 2,2%. All the created Rock-Paper-Scissors bids are protected with the SHA-256 encryption algorithm which guarantees the highest standard of protection and security.

BlaBlaGame also have rating system! The higher your level is the more rewards you will get from the system. To get to the next rating level you need to have a certain number of BLA tokens in your account and win a certain number of games. The maximum is 1,000,000 tokens for the final “To the Moon” level.

Referral program allows you to earn crypto for each win of your referral in the game and earn BLA tokens for the BLA tokens purchases of your referrals.

BlaBlaGame team plans to launch a bank of daily and monthly bonuses to make the Rock-Paper-Scissors game even more excitable.

BLA token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain using ERC-20 standard.

2. My Freedom Coin


The second most reliable on our list is My Freedom Coin (MFC). This ICO is the only cryptocurrency project with a Floor Price. Using the platform and paying the fees, you contribute to the increase in the rate of the coin.

For example, if you want to make a transaction on the P2P exchange, you will pay 2% fee — for buyers and for sellers. For buyers, the fee is charged in the MFC, which are removed from circulation and increase the current price.To gain access to the exchange, you must first purchase a trading license. The license fee is set at $0, but it also increases by $5 for every new 10,000 users until it reaches $50.

All transactions you make between wallets will also charge 0.5% fee, which will be removed from circulation.

My Freedom Coin is a fairly reliable coin, its floor price rises and can minimize any negative volatility.

You can also take out a BUSD loan on the platform without the risk of liquidation.

My Freedom Coin is based on Binance Smart Chain. The system allows users to use a wallet, bank and exchange service, as well as take loans using MFC as collateral. You as a user will be charged an interest rate of 0.98% per month in MFC, which also will be removed from circulation.

3. Maxxer — $MXXR Token


Let’s move on and check out the next project.

Would you like to be able to trade assets and make “crypto” friends? You can do this if you use Maxxer. This is the first decentralized crypto exchange based on social trading.

Social trade is a priority for this project. You can watch other traders and analyze and even copy their behavior in different situations. You can find the best of the best and learn from their experience.

What makes the project even more interesting is the gamification and social trading league. You can become a successful trader and get valuable rewards.

The project has issued its own token $MXXR, which provides discounts on the fees.

4. KubeCoin — KUBE Token

Now we want to introduce you a virtual currency that is set to revolutionize travel and leisure industries. The KubeCoin team would like to introduce cryptocurrency into our daily lives.

Kube Coin system consists of its own wallet, EatKube and NFT platform with its own unique NFT collection.

The team launched its decentralized KubeCoin token in 2021 and is now aiming to make it the main currency used to pay for travel around the world.

The startup that supports KUBE ICO was founded in 2017 with a total gross profit of €5,000,000.

5. Tetrix Token — XTR

The next and the last on our list is the XTR Token, which is implemented by the TRON network’s TRC20 standard. This coin allows you to make transactions using the new technology of the metaverse. XTR VR box is the latest high performance platform dedicated to the development of new technologies based on blockchain. It supports $10 million daily volume from over 4,000 daily active users.

The Tetrix team decided to make the business life a little easier by launching a blockchain-based ICO in which they connected companies, employees and assets.

Their new token makes money transfers easy and secure. XTR Token will be based on TRON’s idea of ​​a decentralized Internet (scalability and high throughput), which makes it fundamentally easier to develop blockchain applications. Also, the team plans to create its own universal DEX wallet.

The small project team consists of only 11 people. TRON Arcade Fund has invested in the new Tetrix ICO project.

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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