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NFTY Space Coin Launch

3y ago





Blockchain is inherently transparent and public, with every thread of data regarding all blockchain projects stored on the digital ledger. New and innovative projects can assess this data and learn about the do’s and don’ts to ensure their project is successful right from the start.

NFTY Portal project and ecosystem has achieved this and more by creating a new style DEX, having learned from the success and failure of other projects. NFTY aims to address the challenges users face while interacting with a DEX; the major one being the inability to access their preferred coins. Due to this inability, users have to go through multiple exchanges to get their hands on their preferred coin or token.

NFTY resolves this issue by creating a universal chain that has excellent interoperability. Users can get their hands on any coin at any time. NFTY has several exciting products to offer, and is now gearing up for NFTY Space Coin Launch. The early bird investor rounds are already live, and users can check out the details on the NFTY Space Whitelist Telegram channel. 

NFTY Space Coin

NFTY Space Coin is arguably the most important element of the NFTY ecosystem, as it is used within all the products to make payments for transaction fees related to coins, tokens, and NFTs. The Space Coin can also be used for trading with other coins or tokens, giving users a simple and quick way to purchase their preferred crypto.

Furthermore, Space Coin is a robust cryptocurrency in itself, and has several rewarding mechanisms, including the ability to be staked in NFTY wallets for additional profit. Space Coin will also be used for Yield Farming to mint NFTY Time coin, and is also a collectible, high demand, low supply coin tradable within the ecosystem.

In addition, NFTY Space coin will also be used as payment for NFT and token minting on the NFTY chain, making it an invaluable asset of the NFTY ecosystem. Initially, the Space Coin will be available for purchase using a number of avenues. Later on, the coin will be made available for trading on the NFTY Marketplace and other listed exchanges and swaps. The initial avenues will include Angel and Seed Investor Rounds, Private Investor round 1 and 2. 

A quick look at NFTY Space Coin’s distribution:

  • Staking: 12.5%
  • Token Sale: 22.5%
  • Growth and Reserve: 12.5%
  • Marketing: 15%
  • Advisors: 13.75%
  • Team: 13.75%
  • Liquidity: 7.5%

The early investor rounds for NFTY Space Coin are now live, and the rules for getting whitelisted can be found here.

NFTY Ecosystem

NFTY Portal is a unique and advanced DEX that aims to create a one-stop solution for users to get their hands on not only their preferred coins but also NFTs. It has an exemplary DEX that will connect to unlimited chains and several DEXs while ensuring complete safety and security. The NFTY Ecosystem is powered by the NFTY Coins and its products. 

NFTY Space Coin is the leader of the NFTY ecosystem with several use cases. NFTY Time Coin is used as a reward for yield farming using the Space Coin, and is a rare collectible coin, tradable within the ecosystem. NFTY Motion is the governance coin of the ecosystem, and will be gifted as a reward for holding the NFTY Time coin. NFTY Motion coin holders will have access to governing rights, which will be an essential tool for the NFTY ecosystem’s development. 

Apart from its exclusive 3 coins, NFTY also offers several front end features such as:

  • Desktop Wallet
  • Staking
  • Masternodes
  • Instant Messaging (Encrypted IM)
  • Web Wallet
  • NFTY Marketplace
  • Yield Farming

We cordially invite you to participate in the early investor rounds to be among the first ones to get their hands on NFTY Space Coin!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.

3y ago




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