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Golden Inu Ecosystem Is The Shiba Inu Coin Killer

9M ago




Shiba Inu does not have a preview for the Shibarium ecosystem available and the $SHIB Burn is ice cold.   While and Binance hold massive amounts of the token suggesting it has a future,  the 0-utility reality has led to SHIBArmy cadets going AWOL.  Most recently, a group with web3 experience generated a new cryptocurrency and a real ecosystem.  This  horde of talents made a better version of Shiba Inu — the Golden Inu.    Set to pre-sale their community token on February 23rd, the new Binance smart chain based token also offers a look at the phase 1 of their ecosystem “Golden Quest.”

“No quotes, just technology that’s available now” tweeted the Golden Inu founder ‘@3TC’ on twitter today.  Perhaps a shot at Shiba Inu’s development team.

This seems to be the motivation behind the new cryptocurrency.   3TC wants to disrupt the ‘stoic quotes culture’ that’s fueled the $SHIB token and many crypto fails. The former SHIBArmy cadet is reminding all crypto holders to trust ‘what is’ at Golden Inu and not quotes about ‘what will be’ with Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu Killer Has A $GOLDEN Quest

The $SHIB token was founded by its creators as a web3 social experiment.   There was no technology planned (apparently) and since its creation in August 2020, few of the promises have come to fruition.

“The Golden Horde,” led by the twitter user @3TC, has already completed the Golden Quest, the first step in the evolution of the digital currency’s ecosystem.   The job platform, which will pay community members to share and work jobs, gives the $GOLDEN token utility after the first member is logged in.

The value of the token and pay for users will come from an impressive mathematics formula that essentially allows the coin to capitalize from each transaction that uses the coin itself.

How Golden Inu Will Afford To Pay Ecosystem’s Members

According to Crypto News Flash, each time members of the ecosystem buy or sell $GOLDEN crypto tokens, a 6% tax will be applied.   Half of that tax will go to liquidity and the other half to the community ‘Treasury.’

The “Golden Treasury” will be used to pay skilled professionals within alliances that help build the community ecosystem and brand.

DogeCoin ($DOGE), Shiba Inu ($SHIB), and Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) crypto coins
DogeCoin ($DOGE), Shiba Inu ($SHIB), and Golden Inu ($GOLDEN) crypto coins

A DAO driven ecosystem, how much money is to be offered for job tasks  will be controlled by a vote from all members of the Golden Inu Ecosystem aka ‘The Golden Horde.’

Those selected for the jobs will be elected by alliances’ leaders — Golden Khans.  These elected leaders are credible professionals of their alliance (career field), who will thoroughly review the skill sets of members applying for jobs.

All jobs and financial transactions will be publicly accessible within the community.

Why Token Value Will Increase

The liquidity, which is funded by 3% or half of the 6% tax, will build token value.   Those tokens held in this pool are held and stored to create a ‘backing’ to the Golden Inu coin and ecosystem — insurance for every user in the community aka “Golden Horde.”

As Binance’s founder once said, every token on any blockchain should have 1-to-1 backing, the $GOLDEN token aims to exceed this.     The liquidity pool is to be locked for 10 years to help give this new cryptocurrency a stability many others lack.  It also prevents rug pull activity.

Nearly all transactions in the ecosystem will be done with the $GOLDEN token.  And as one can earn by being a member of the community, it has utility as soon as someone wishes to earn.

Only a few jobs will be paid in Binance’s $BNB coin, depending on the level of compensation required.  As the ecosystem rapidly evolves, it will be completely reliant on Golden Inu’s own coin.

Golden Inu Pre-Sale | Initial Coin Offering

The $GOLDEN token will not be available for purchase until Thursday, February 23rd.   On this date, the token will be made available to early registrants via a white list pre-sale [details here].

The minimum token purchase allowed will be .01BNB or approximately US$3.15.   The maximum allowed will be 1BNB or US$315.

Pre-sale price per $GOLDEN token will be US$0.00000127000.  At ICO launch, the bep20 token will cost US$0.00000153000.  The cost difference is approximately 17%.

This token will have a massive supply, similar to the pups it spawned from, DogeCoin and Shiba Inu.   In total 100-quadrillion tokens will be minted with 24-Quadrillion being made available in pre-sale.

The goal of the Golden Inu crypto brand is to raise 100BNB tokens or $39,000 in their initial pre-sale round.  Funding usage plans include expanding its web3 development team, marketing operations, and begin creating a liquidity pool.

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9M ago




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