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Rollux Begins Liftoff

1y ago




With PoDA reaching mainnet last week, Syscoin is the first full stack blockchain with a Layer 1 data availability solution. Rollux is the next step in Syscoin’s long list of firsts as we gain an optimistic rollup to offer unparalleled scaling. All of this comes together to make Syscoin the only network combining Ethereum’s EVM, Syscoin’s optimized modularity for rollups, and Bitcoin’s second-to-none gold standard security. Today, Rollux begins liftoff. Anyone can now access the final testnet version of the only rollup on Bitcoin.

Rollux is built by SYS Labs, powered by Syscoin, and fueled by $SYS. Rollux functions as Syscoin’s Layer 2 to help provide the unprecedented scalability necessary for an exponential increase of possible use cases, and for mass adoption. Put simply, Rollux as a whole offers what no one else does. Here are some highlights.

  • Two second blocktimes
  • Near-instant transactions,
  • Offering ideal speeds for a true Web3 experience, whether DeFi, gaming, etc.
  • Incredibly low cost
  • Rollux requires smaller fractions of $SYS as gas for transactions compared to $ETH for Optimism. (Given the difference in value for each token, the amount of savings Rollux offers should not be understated, appealing to projects running a large number of smart contracts or subsidizing fees for their end users.)
  • Developer friendly
  • Rollux offers the same developer experience as Optimism
  • Likewise, Rollux is EVM equivalent. Smart contracts use Solidity, appealing to the immense talent pool of Ethereum developers.
  • The only rollup to inherit Bitcoin’s gold standard PoW security, plus finality, via Syscoin’s L1
  • The only rollup to leverage L1 PoDA out of the box, meaning
  • Wider applicability
  • Additional cost savings
  • Greater efficiency
  • Increased bandwidth for greater throughput
  • Dappchains: we will have specific focus on Layer 3 custom execution environments for high-speed distributed application development for enterprise and high-throughput use-cases (think 1m+ actions-a-second possibilities, achievable by Validium+PoDA working in harmony). We’ll reveal more about this in the near future…
  • The combination of PoDA for security & scale being settled through Bitcoin’s security, as well as a base layer to launch distributed applications at scale and custom execution environments (Dappchains) will make Syscoin the obvious choice for developers and users requiring the state-of-the-art blockchain environment with rock-solid security and decentralization attributes of Syscoin’s Layer 1.

All of these attributes coalesce to remove the barriers between blockchain technology and mass adoption, providing the way forward as the classic trilemma is finally put to rest. Rollux grants developers and projects to build an unrivaled Web3 experience, not only on par with what users expect from Web2, but surpassing it.

Get Connected to the Rollux Testnet

Go here for a button that will add the Rollux network to your Metamask wallet.

Use this guide for a walk-through to obtain some TestSYS on Rollux or to use the Rollux Portal (bridge) to move TestSYS and tokens between Syscoin NEVM L1 and Rollux L2.

Network Details:

Check out our Rollux FAQ and also find out more about the design and benefits of Rollux here.

Unprecedented Global Financial Inclusivity

With Rollux, the groundwork is set to give unprecedented global financial inclusivity. Rollux provides infrastructure that gives DEXes the ability to displace CEXes, lighting the way toward a future where fiascos such as FTX largely become a thing of the past. With a more decentralized and affordable financial system that scales, barriers to entry are removed, allowing anyone with an internet connection to participate in the new global economy.

This leads to a better society, as individuals who were previously excluded from financial systems are able access services and products, including loans, insurance, and the equivalent of interest-bearing savings accounts. Although it is important for people to have the choice to become their own bank, equally if not more important, is endowing people who do not even have access to banks in the first place with even better decentralized options where no services were available before.

Exponential Opportunity

Dr. Dan Boneh of Stanford University postulates that every doubling of scalability enables ten to fifty times more use cases. Considering how much higher PoDA and Rollux work in conjunction to raise the bar for scalability far beyond anything currently available on any other blockchain network, it will inevitably lead to a variety of use cases we can’t yet even imagine, and this is only compounded by the inclusion of rapidly advancing AI, which is already playing a prominent role in our plans for Rollux. However, some of the trends we are paying particular attention to are as follows.

We already know of an incredible dapp destined for the Rollux ecosystem. Designed for everyone, it will enable everyday users to interact with the world while taking advantage of the latest AI advancements and Web3 functionalities. The final touches are already being put into place. That means you will learn more about it sooner rather than later. We look forward to it being revealed when the time comes, and not just to the Syscoin community! It’s for the entire world.

Expanding Use Cases

The metaverse and augmented reality will naturally be enhanced by Rollux, allowing for secure ownership and control over digital assets such as virtual real estate or physical assets with digital counterparts. When you enjoy a metaverse that is integrated with Rollux, you can be enabled to participate in virtual economies that are not controlled by centralized entities.

Similarly, gaming is another area that is likely to see significant growth as a benefit of Rollux. On Rollux, gamers can own their in-game assets and trade them with other players in a decentralized marketplace. This creates a more transparent and equitable gaming economy and empowers players to monetize their skills and time.

Rollux grants the ability to transform smart cities, facilitating a decentralized Internet-of-Things (IoT) economy, including sensors, AI, and other devices communicating with each other and with residents in a secure and transparent manner. This can lead to more efficient and beneficial cities that are better able to meet the needs of residents.

Education is another area primed to see significant growth in a Rollux world. With Web3, educational resources and credentials can be stored on a decentralized network, enabling greater transparency and accessibility. This can empower learners to take control of their own education and build their own credentials, regardless of their geographical location or socioeconomic status.

Only the Beginning

Although the first version of Rollux is an optimistic rollup, it has been designed to also integrate ZK-based technologies as they mature. Version 1 is a massive leap for blockchain technology, but it will only continue to evolve as new breakthroughs are discovered and applied. Syscoin has a knack for hybridizing the best of what exists, whether Bitcoin and Ethereum on our Layer 1 or optimistic and ZK-Rollups on our Layer 2.

Our EVM-compatibility means projects built for the likes of well-known networks like Ethereum or Polygon can easily be ported to Rollux to take advantage of greater speeds, superior PoW security, and cost-savings through incredibly discounted transaction fees. If your project would benefit from these traits, then we invite you to join the number of other projects already committed to building on Syscoin, who can be found at We are excited to have you join us as we explore uncharted territory.

Since it began in 2014, Syscoin has vastly expanded in scope and evolved to the point where nearly the only thing it shares with its original version is its name. In many ways, Rollux is a new beginning for Syscoin and the industry, representative of the unbridled potential of what can finally be achieved when the barriers of speed and cost disappear to make decentralization a viable alternative. Before, few companies had a compelling reason to enter the Web3 space, but going forward most companies won’t be able to afford not to.

SYS Labs and Rollux exist to onboard the world into the future with ease, guiding businesses, projects, and individuals into a new Web3 paradigm, unhindered by slow and expensive processes. Adopting Rollux unlocks the power to enhance capabilities, increase efficiency, and drive growth, all made possible by the only full blockchain tech stack, Syscoin. Don’t get left behind. Embrace the power of Web3 today, and let us be your trusted partner on this journey into the trustless era.

Mar 20, 2023 by Syscoin Foundation

1y ago




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