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Ownify MD’s Exclusive Interview With TheNewsCrypto





Decipher 2022, a second annual gathering of the Algorand foundation held in Dubai was a massive success. The active community engagement portrayed confidence in the existing blockchain technology. The following is an exclusive interview of delegates conducted by TheNewsCrypto.


Ownify Technologies Limited was founded in October 2022 and registered with the Dubai International Financial Center registrar of companies. The ecosystem of Ownify offers a complete WEB3 platform for developing, distributing, and interacting with non-fungible tokens tied to goods or services. Through the blockchain, They’re bridging customers and businesses while enhancing data privacy and transparency.

The following is an exclusive interview with Carl Helou, the managing director of  Ownify Technologies Limited by TheNewsCrypto.

Why the name Ownify? What does it indicate?

 it goes straight to the use case of the project itself. Ownify comes from owning something. So now I will talk about owning products. What we usually have as a problem, is mainly counterfeit goods. We cannot know if a product is genuine if it’s counterfeit copy A and the list goes on and on. So the main idea came from this initial business problem. If you want, I wanted to use blockchain technology, mainly the NFT part using algorithms, I’m sure. I’m going to explain why later on to answer this problem. How simply by we’re going we are creating digital twins for all the products, for all sectors. But we’re going with of course a certain map for each year and everything. So starting with, for example, let’s say on the UAE market now we’re starting with everything that has to do with luxury products and also electronics for the first phase. What exactly do they do, we create digital twins for each product. This digital twin, which is an NFT itself, will have all the info, all the history, and all the info about the product itself.

And I’m going to explain its utility of it. But just to give you a small scheme of wallets, I give is we have different wallets. We have business wallets and user wallets. When I say business wallet, it’s all talking about it being a brand wallet. For example, in each country, of course, you have official distributors, official retailers, you have shops. So it’s like the hierarchy of the market itself. So each one in this market has its wallets, business wallets. Token and what do we give? If you go for the brand themselves, they create, let’s say a watch, let’s say Aerolite for example. So the brand itself, you’ll be able to create NFT itself for each, let’s say Aerobics watch they have it starts with them and the list goes down. So what do they give? They give actual authenticity of the product and they also give ownership of the product showing this product belongs to whom. And also the client will be able to send this NFT to another person who is going to buy this product from him. So this is where we implement traceability of the product. if you want to make it a bit easier for you, maybe you can shoot the first service that we give is verification methods. 

So let’s forget about the wallet. Now, anyone who would be able to use Ownify by itself as a user or any stakeholder on the market would be able to scan any product. It’s called the G10, which is talking about the serial number of any product, and you’ll be able to have the full history of the product and to know if it’s genuine or not. That’s the first server available to everyone. Okay. That’s the first utility used mainly by the community. you need to go anywhere talking about larger or any kind of products and be able to scan any product and to know exactly if is it true, and is it genuine. Does it come from this country? So that’s the first thing. Second thing, as I said, we have the business wallets themselves, they create authenticity, they create ownership. And we have other things. Such as we have, of course, the unified Wallet, in which you put all the valuables, digital valuables in it. That’s one. We also have a payment system to come later on. It’s already incorporated within the app. You’ll be able to also do crypto payments for three payments later on, also on the roadmap, you’ll be able to integrate two payments, of course, depending on each market. 

For example, using this technology shop or any kind of business will also eliminate everything that has to do with physical receipts, of course. Now we’re going digital, so we don’t need to use any more physical receipts. At the same time, they’ll be able to have the guarantee of any product in the NFT itself.

If we buy a product, that code or that NFT will give us the authenticity of what belongs to the business. What happens if it is for resale?

Then use the Marketplace to transfer it to you, your wallet also. That’s how it happens. So that’s the minimal feature. So we have our decentralized Marketplace also to transfer these NFTs. Or any product that you already have. And I’m going to talk about the small concept that is not small, big usually in this space, in the blockchain space, always talking about decentralized ideas. And of course, we’d like me to explain a bit about the idea. Of course. So what do we have? We do not focus on this. We focus on decentralizing the data of the products. So we have a new concept that doesn’t exist till now or exists. The PDID is a product decentralized ID. When talking about decentralizing the data out of products, this is we’re talking business now. We’ll stop talking about the people and their own identity by talking about the products and data in businesses, big businesses, e-commerce, and everything. I mean any country, what they care about is the data of the products. This is, for example, one of the features that we have. I have a lot of ideas. Just trying to give you the best thing, so you’ll be able as a user after you have your products in your wallet, so you’ll have the option to share your data or not share your data. And if you share your data, you’ll be able to have rewards, of course. And we have different features to come. So that’s simple and what I’m trying to say is it’s a new concept and it goes to products. So you’ll be able to share the data and control your data. Which is exactly what happened on the PDID site. Talking about personal ID models. So what’s new and that’s important for us because we also have an analytical wallet. In the end, I said I have a business wallet. We have shops, we have users. Now some people like, let’s say, analytics wallets if you want. This one is where the business also comes to take for example, this data that we gather on the marketplace for the users that give us access to this data. Okay, I’ll be able to monetize that with user access and the user is going to get money for that by sharing the data. 

At what phase is Ownify presently at, and when can the users expect the mainnet launch?

Now we need like we’re on testnet now. We need like a couple of weeks like two tricks can go live. We’re in the final stages now. But for the coming month, I’m just going to give you a small idea. For the coming month, we’re going to incorporate the CRM system because that’s one of the big features. We also have. I should add it’s important when it comes to CRM. So as we said, these NFTs are good people. So now companies and businesses will be able to track the products, not the people. That’s what we need. So if the product goes from person to person, you’ll be able to track the product itself. What does that mean? You will have access to exactly the whole marketplace. So that’s one thing. It’s a lifelong CRM solution. It’s lifelong until the destruction of the product. And we also have a wallet, which is like we call it now, a green wallet, which is actually about I mean, in the end, because talking about the same NFTs users will be able to stop or pay back or maybe, for example, even destroy the NFTs when they actually, let’s say they threw the product that they have.

So using this same technology you’ll be able to also have we’re implementing Traceability when it goes to recycling products. Because this way, for example, let’s say a cell phone or electronics, you’re going to throw it instead of just throwing it, you’ll be able to press a simple button just saying that I’m going to destroy this product. This way, this message will go as a prompt message to the recycling providers that we work with. This way they will come directly, it’s a targeted recycling system. If you want, they will come directly to the client who wants to recycle his product and he will get rewards also for that. 

And one more thing, the last thing concerning the CRM system was talking about later on on the marketplace we’re building in the coming months, you will have, for example, targeted marketing. Because as I said before, you’ll be able to control your data. Which means people are going to do marketing. Instead of just throwing everywhere, they’re going to go straight to the person who owns this product and they will give them, for example, prompt messages about products that are of similar interest to it. 

So this is targeted marketing. And when it goes to CRM, the companies will be able to connect directly, as I told, as I said, with the NFT itself in the person’s wallet. So this will facilitate everything to do with the CRM today. You know, for CRM to function well in companies, you’re going to have access to, I mean, you’re going to take all the info of the person. You’re going to have to take his number, and email, and the list goes on and on. There are a lot of ways they just want to connect with the client. Now the NFT, it’s a direct connection between the initial company and the NFT itself. That facilitates a lot of work. And it’s lifelong because if you sell your product to someone else, I mean, that’s it. There’s no more relation between the company and the next client.

Let’s talk about Decipher. So what’s the first thing that comes up?

Myself, I see the future of blockchain itself. Because I’m mainly talking about Decipher, algorand. The first thing I have in mind about algorand is everything is governmentally sustainable. The future of technology itself, this blockchain by itself, if you see everything they’re doing now and for the coming period, algorand itself is going for the big people, going for governments, for big companies. It’s the corporate focus. So it serves the end use of this technology as the government is actually, let’s say, purely corporate. Let’s say they go straight to real use cases.

On a technical side, maybe I should let that back to my apartment anyway. But I know exactly that the more advanced, more scalable, the more secure, the fastest. Also when it comes to fees, they are much cheaper than the others. Exactly. It’s the perfect technology to be based in algorand. And especially for this kind of project and all the projects that go to the next step of taking, I mean, just going full in and real use cases of our life. Anyway, not always speaking about metabolism, all these things. We need something concrete. And this is perfect. The first place we find out is to build on. 

There’s a particular sector, the blockchain that is the cryptocurrency sector, which is bottoming down, which is in the bear market. like us, it does affect other peer sectors like the NFTs metaverse. And since you are into NFT, what is the major impact that you are seeing because of the crypto in NFT?

I’m going to talk first of all about Ownify. That’s the perfect time for us to go in. I’m going to explain why I just explained the business side of Ownify. As you can see, we took this technology and all its utilities and we put it fully in. Everything has to do with use cases on the business side, which means not even on the level of our company itself, the revenue model is solely focused on the business side. So that’s one thing. So this is completely best than the mere market we’re facing now. Of course, we also have our token, but we found a way to incorporate the token itself and its utility with real use cases. So we’re not dependent on the crypto in a way on the crypto community, of course, we are dependent. But at the same time, we have access to real businesses using this token. As I just explained these points, all of them. So as you can see, the bear market, of course, will affect us a little bit on the side of the main link in the crypto community. But anyone from the crypto community, who understands the project and sees the kind of partnerships we’re going through soon and the kind of exposure and people on them and the whole team, what we are working on, they will understand that this cannot be affected by the market now. 

Who is the impactful person?

I have a few people to be honest, but the one that was the beginning in my head doesn’t have Silvio Micali. So I just explained everything. I’m working in Ownify now and we’re playing everything for the future. So as I said, we did our analysis and Silvio is one of the leaders for us in this field with a solid, really solid background and a really solid technical team and with an amazing vision and their vision is just going through that transition. We’ve been in this field and now finally we’re going into the business and they are the first and the leaders in that this is exactly why we are here now.

According to you, which is crypto-positive geography? 

We started in Dubai and UAE. We also have our payment system coming in the future. So let me just start at the beginning talking about the Secure Exchange Commission, everything happening in America, and all that site. We know that nowadays, especially in this period, we’re going to regulations and we did arrive at the point where we’re able to know where we are heading, at least not getting the real aspects of it. We have the business side which is Ownify itself as it is registered in the diocese, as I said, doing purely its business side in the UAE everything has to do with crypto. Now we’re searching exactly and we didn’t make a final decision about where to open it anyway, but still, we did find a solution for the moment, but we’re still waiting just to finalize that. 

What is the plan for Ownify in 2023?

So now the launch is pretty soon. This month we’re building our refinancing, and our CRM and for the two coming months we’re now going for big businesses here because due to the big connections we have, at least for the UAE, we also have big exposure. I’m going to explain the Indonesian market. We have some big partners in the Indonesian market and also in the French market. So we’re building our model to customers because we give white labels so we can personalize the white label to give services the technology at fast talking and when it goes to the Indonesian market, we have big partners on Indonesian markets still I cannot disclose, but it’s going to be Bridget soon. The British one is going to be we also have plans for later on to go into the real estate sector. But anyway, these will do them separately.

The main focus for 2023 now we’re starting on the business side. We’re starting with the luxury industry in the UAE. We also have some big connections. You were working on it now just waiting to disclose it soon. And the electronics factor has to do with electronics. This is for the first, at least eight to nine months and later on, we’ll be able to add more, let’s say utilities just open up in other sectors. That is going to be for later on. Just focusing now step by step to go. It’s safer and just doing all the tests needed is then so picking up time.





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