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The Elvantis Ecosystem: A Blockchain Project Combining Art, Gaming, and Earning Opportunities

2y ago





Play-to-earn mechanisms are opening up millions of opportunities to investors today. The concept is not only offering revenue streams to investors but also promoting digital ownership of assets. Elvantis is here to provide similar solutions through an innovative NFT game that applies a metaverse concept. 

The project’s objectives seek to take users into a digital universe where players can own various collectibles. Treasures, battles, and campaigns are among the experiences that Elvantis plans to introduce. 

In the game, users can venture into farming and generate items or navigate its universe as a bounty hunter. The farmed items are tradeable on the project’s marketplace or can be useful when forming teams. The following review covers more details on what Elvantis has in store for its global community.

The Project’s Plot

Elvantis follows a group of characters known as Elvantinians who are basically universal explorers. The characters reside on countless planets and colonize territories to expand their society. What’s more, Elvantinians travel through spaceships built in conjunction with the civilization they inhabit. 

As explorers, expanding territories across galaxies can become a challenging task. Hence, the characters’ job in the game is to compete amongst each other or fight against mythical monsters.  That way, Elvantinians can defend their empires as they keep conquering other planets. 

Treasures are additional items that players can encounter as they travel. A treasure map is present to guide users through the universe and directly take them to the treasure chests. Elvantis intends to give players the chance of gathering valuable NFTs using this plot. 

In the end, players can boost their characters with the items and leverage them to earn rewards in competitions and adventures.

Collectibles Available

Elvantis players can acquire NFTs through farming, travelling the universe, or opening chests. A relic album is available to store every NFT that players obtain. Competitors, therefore, generate rewards once they complete various sections of the album. 

Elvantis is making the whole idea possible by introducing a massive NFT collection with 400+ cards. Each card holds distinct features and possesses multiple utilities based on their characteristics. 

In that regard, the different types of cards available on Elvantis’ universe include:

Common Collectibles

As the title suggests, common cards represent the most frequent collectibles players can find. The cards provide basic requirements that users may need as they discover other collectibles in the game.


These cards contain a blue sparkle and shimmer colour, making them more valuable than common collectibles.


Epic collectibles come with a warm orange colour and can be useful to players when travelling the universe. The cards are also tradeable in the project’s marketplace.


Legendary cards take up a soft black glow appearance. These collectibles pose as advanced items and are slightly more valuable than epic cards. 

It also opens up access to additional resources available in the game. Through a legendary card, players can reap more returns in the farming exercise.


Xspace cards function as the strongest NFTs with a gold shiny color. Here, players have access to assets with higher productivity. As such, Xspace NFTs have a bigger potential of delivering significant incomes continuously.

Ultra Grow

Last on the list is the Ultra Grow collectible. The card produces an ultra glow light which shines brighter than other NFTs on Elvantis. Despite their fascinating looks, Ultra Grow cards have malicious uses.

How it Operates

Elvantis runs on four population blockchain networks: Ethereum, Polkadot, Matic, and the Binance Smart Chain. The project consists of a contract known as the SpaceMoonElvantis that is responsible for distributing block rewards. 

Thus, SpaceMoonElvantis empowers mini-games like Equip Your Character and Album of Relics. Chainlink oracle and MetaMask help in filling out every holder’s information on the project.

The token distribution mechanism takes advantage of an IPFS network which stores and supplies NFTs. A smart contract cloud is available to publish and manage NFTs through the IPFS network.

Users can further mint NFTs based on the ERC-1155 and ERC-20 standards. Elvantis is also an automated market maker (AMM) that allows users to trade their digital assets.

More importantly, everyone can exchange their assets across different networks through the cross-chain solution. 

Token Details

Elvantis (ELV) has a total supply of 300M tokens and seeks to start with a distribution of 150M. The project charges users a buying and selling fee of 3% and 5% on all transactions. The charges cater to several development plans on Elvantis such as bounty activities, marketing initiatives, and CEX listings. 

ELV undergoes a buyback and burn mechanism which removes a certain number of tokens from circulation. It, therefore, burns 60% of tokens that players use to buy chests. The remaining 30% and 10% serve the Elevantis ecosystem and marketing/development strategies. 

From the total distribution, the team and advisors receive 10% of the tokens while 35% goes to liquidity contributions. The top 500 holders will obtain a 5% reward fee on any transaction taking place in the marketplace. 

Investors can use ELV when looking for treasures, farming, or in battle competitions.

Elvantis DAO (ELVD) is a separate token that is yet to feature on the project. ELVD will promote governance rights to holders who can make crucial decisions concerning the platform.

ELVD applies the ERC-20 standard and is expected to have a maximum supply of 1B tokens.


Elvantis intends to form an interactive digital environment where players can earn as they explore. As bounty hunters, Elvantinians have to defend their territories against other competitors and mythical monsters. The NFTs users generally have different values depending on their uniqueness. 

A farming venture is present to generate multiple rewards for investors. Aside from the play-to-earn model, Elvantis also has an AMM feature that allows seamless transactions of assets. 

Cross-chain solutions further enhance the interaction and access of other blockchain networks. For more information and updates, visit Elvantis on:




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