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HEX Gets Rekt, Avorak Investors Safe with Guaranteed Launch Profits





HEX price prediction

HEX is a cryptocurrency platform launched in 2019 with the hopes of dominating the market and assuring high guaranteed returns. However, the plans have taken a dramatic turn as the HEX price has declined over the past months. The crypto market is a volatile digital space, and when such events happen, some platforms get rekt. However, there is one crypto asset that has shown strengths in being resilient towards volatilities, Avorak, the prominent AI blockchain.

What is HEX’s Price?

HEX is an ERC-20 token designed on the Ethereum network as a store of value. It was launched to replace the Certificate of Deposit as a blockchain counterpart used in the traditional financial market.

HEX was forged to leverage decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystems within the Ethereum network. The token has faced a significant decrease in its price over the past months, recorded to over a 78% decrease. Investors are skeptical about the platform and its goals of serving its use in the blockchain industry. 

During its launch days, its creator, Richard Heart, described the project as a lucrative investment that would promise guaranteed profits of up to 10,000x. However, the project relied on new investors’ funds to pay the initial investors. This led many people to think the project was a pyramid scheme.

It also led to an influx of money as HEX’s market cap reached $1.5 billion years back. As investors came to the same realization, HEX’s price value plummeted, now recording a 95% price decrease since its launch. 

Avorak Guaranteeing Profits

Avorak has been a stable, resilient project that has served its purpose and shown the potential of outperforming other digital currency projects like HEX. Avorak is a decentralized AI blockchain platform gaining traction for its promising portfolio.

Avorak promises guaranteed profits and offers investors exposure to investing in various crypto assets with strong backing fundamentals.  

Among the major features Avorak offers is the Avorak Trade which traders leverage in trading cryptocurrencies. The feature allows traders to trade using Avoraks native token AVRK or any other crypto asset that piques the investors’ interest.

Moreover, it has an easy-to-use interface that can be customized by a simple command-line input that generates accurate market predictions or implement an automated trading strategy.


Avorak’s approach has paid off its investors and has seen constant profits in its market value, generating strong returns. As such, it is immune to challenges that HEX faces and thus immune to price crash incidents. As Avorak allows investment of various cryptocurrencies within its network, it provides a reliable solution as an alternative investment that offers guaranteed profits. 


The crypto market is a volatile digital space that has seen the rise and fall of many crypto assets. HEX’s value has been plummeting, and investors might abandon ship since it has already faced a huge price decline. Players like Avorak have assured returns on their investments, making the project a very interesting digital asset to look into and invest in. 

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