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CryptoGPT’s Team Warned As Scam By Blockworks Co-founder Jason Yanowitz

1y ago




CryptoGPT's Team Warned As Scam By Blockworks Co-founder Jason Yanowitz

Key Points:

  • Blockworks co-founder Jason Yanowitz said that the CryptoGPT project is an outright scam.
  • He exposed the information of the team behind the project and discovered many suspicions.
Blockworks co-founder Jason Yanowitz said he wouldn’t touch CryptoGPT with a ten-foot pole, calling it an outright scam

Yanowitz has uncovered a few oddities in this project that he feels are a fraud, notably with the CryptoGPT team.

image 801
Blockworks co-founder Jason Yanowitz (left)

Initially, Jamila Jelani was named CEO/Founder. Her title on the site was then changed to the marketer. She’s now vanished from the scene. She says she was in charge of growth marketing at Alibaba. He believes this is a fraud, but it’s difficult to confirm since she just built her LinkedIn profile last month.

Secondly, CTO Dejan Erja claims to have worked at Ripple Net. However, this seems to be a fraud as well. The co-founder of Blockworks said that he couldn’t discover any information concerning his relationship with Ripple. Yanowitz also mentions that he only has five mutual connections on LinkedIn and has never written on the platform.

Moreover, Yanowitz calls the increase in user numbers an “absurd claim.” In this environment, a $250 million value is “equally as absurd.”

“CryptoGTP launched a few months ago, and they supposedly already have 2 MILLION users.”

Yanowitz stated he doesn’t know much about the market marker after linking to @nay_gmy’s analysis on DWF Labs. But, speculations concerning the company arouse concerns.

One final close is Art Bagdonas, the ecosystem lead of CryptoGPT. Yanowitz describes it as “Art dressed to the nines literally zero online presence but is their ecosystem lead.”

On April 10, CryptoGPT declared a $250 million corporate value, prompting DWF Labs to make a $10 million strategic investment.

The funds will be utilized to further AI Web3 technologies, particularly in Asian markets. The company’s goal is to end big tech’s domination while giving customers control over the commercialization of their AI data. CryptoGPT intends to attract retail consumers by letting them to earn money by sharing their data utilizing zkRollup technology. The business predicts that as AI becomes more prevalent, data will become even more valuable in the future.

image 800

CryptoGPT presents itself as an AI-driven system that allows retail customers to monetize their data, decreasing the power of Web2 behemoths like Google and Meta.

Moreover, they anticipate that the spread of AI will increase the value of data since high-quality data is required to train AI algorithms.

CryptoGPT’s team has yet to respond to this.

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