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Why BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Filing Could See Golteum (GLTM) Soar As Presale Heats Up

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The post Why BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF Filing Could See Golteum (GLTM) Soar As Presale Heats Up appeared first on Coinpedia Fintech News

The world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, recently filed documents to launch a spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) in the United States. BlackRock’s filing renewed the hopes of traditional finance firms like Fidelity, Valkyrie, Invesco, and VanEck, as they resubmitted their applications following the move. 

BlackRock’s announcement provided some positives for the crypto community as it marks a significant milestone for the mainstream adoption of digital assets. It also triggered a Bitcoin rally and generated renewed interest in the broader crypto market as investors began to scout for possible gems they could invest in. Golteum (GLTM) is one of those gems that caught the eyes of these investors.

Positives For Bitcoin As ETF Filings Continue To Roll In

Despite previous rejections by the SEC, there is an aura of optimism in the air that the SEC may be open to approving the recent spot Bitcoin ETF filings by BlackRock and other major traditional finance firms. Furthermore, firms like Ark Invest and 21Shares are looking to strengthen their applications to have them approved this time around. 

As the ETF filings continue to roll in, this recent development can only be positive for Bitcoin’s price action. It has become evident that the crypto market, although decentralized, is still affected by major news and activities in the real world. Bitcoin’s price has already soared past $30,000 on the back of this recent development, and we could further see a more upward trend if these filings get approved. 

While Bitcoin investors are celebrating this recent development, other crypto investors are looking at altcoins like Golteum (GLTM), which many consider the best crypto to invest in.

Golteum (GLTM) Attracts Investors Looking To Invest In Crypto Following Recent ETF Filings

Golteum’s innovative technology and exciting investment benefits set it apart from other altcoins as digital assets continue to gain mainstream adoption, attracting new investors looking to invest in the crypto space. Golteum is a DeFi protocol that enables users to trade precious metals and cryptocurrencies. The platform enables easy access to physical precious metal assets as users can enjoy fractional investment opportunities in these assets. Furthermore, users can redeem these tokenized assets. Each asset is backed 1:1 with real-life assets monitored using Chainlink’s Proof-of-Reserve, meaning users can exchange their gold, silver, or platinum tokens for their physical equivalent. 

Golteum also provides an entry into decentralized finance (DeFi), as users can use their tokenized assets as collateral to unlock liquidity while still owning their assets. They can also act as Liquidity Providers (LPs) and provide liquidity to the liquidity pool in exchange for huge returns. 

Golteum’s utility is one reason investors have taken an interest in the token. Furthermore, investors strongly have faith in the team behind the project. Six team members have been verified and awarded the CertiK silver KYC badge. Also, the token smart contract itself has been audited and found clean and secure. Thus, funds invested in the Golteum platform are in safe hands.

Join The Golteum (GLTM) Presale Now

The Golteum (GLTM) token has a lot of potential, considering the attention that the Golteum ecosystem is gaining. These benefits would explain the increased demand for the token. The first round of the Golteum (GLTM) presale sold 32.5 Million tokens in 48 hours, despite being a private sale. 

The second presale round is ongoing, and this time around, it’s a public sale. Investors participating in this round also get a 15% bonus for their purchase. That is a great deal considering many experts predict that GLTM’s price could rise to as high as $5 from its present $0.012 once it gets listed on major exchanges. 

This investment undoubtedly has huge potential, especially considering that the Boston Consulting Group has predicted that the market value of tokenized assets could reach $16 trillion by 2030.


So, what better time to invest than now? Enter the Golteum presale now and claim the 15% bonus GLTM tokens waiting for you.

For more information about the GLTM Presale: 


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