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Can Your Web3 Project Survive The Crypto Winter? 

2y ago





It’s no secret the bear market is upon us and token projects like yours are suffering from a dramatic fall in price and the symptoms of an anxious community. 

Candy Club President David Barrantes shares his views on the blue ocean that is social crypto gaming and how web3 projects can leverage Candy Club to thrive this crypto winter

  1. Hi David, can you introduce yourself and Candy Club to our readers.

Hi guys, I’m David Barrantes, President of Candy Club. I’ve been involved in Blockchain since 2015 and have been fortunate to experience all aspects of industry starting from Venture Capital side as Partner in Plutus VC and over the years have had the amazing opportunity to work alongside many exciting projects as an investor, founder and advisor. 

Candy Club is the 1st Crypto Social Gaming Club, we offer a wide variety of games ranging from live casino, slots, blockchain games, sport betting and more. As a social gaming platform CC provides users access to free daily Star credits as well as exciting airdrops and rewards from our Toke Project partners. 

  1. So Candy Club is a social crypto gaming club, how is it different from the existing gamefi space?

Candy Club is a social gaming platform with focus on bringing free daily entertainment to its users via daily credits and rewards. CC has a unique offering as we enable users to also utilize partner tokens for in game credits and unlock utility. Unlike most projects Candy Club is self-funded, and will not release its own token as our goal is to keep the focus on Token Partners and their communities.

  1. How is the concept of social casino gaming different from online gambling? 

Social Gaming focuses on the interactive and entertainment elements where users can play for fun, connect with friends, join tournaments, earn rewards and daily prizes. Social Gaming is a booming industry globally with total Revenue expected to reach $8.7Billion by 2026 and users growing year over year. Social gaming entertainment focus has broader appeal to wide audiences than traditional gambling platforms.

  1. The idea of social crypto gaming has never been done before, what opportunities do you think this creates for the current web3 projects?

The last twelve months have been a tough bear market for the crypto Industry, many project tokens have not traded in months. Candy Club was born with the mission to not only bring crypto space together, but offer Token projects the ability to provide their communities with additional utility for their tokens. This allows projects to increase members' engagement and improve their treasuries to weather this crypto winter and continue to build new updates to their projects. 

  1. The idea of token projects increasing their utility through Candy Club is quite interesting. Can you explain this further?

A lot of projects started with unique visions but have run into challenges both macro and crypto bear cycle. Offering their communities ability to utilize their tokens for additional games and utility opens exciting opportunities. 

  1. And how does this benefit the communities?

This offers communities a way to connect and play for fun with daily credits, win free rewards and use tokens they currently hold on CC, bringing a lot more utility to their assets. 

  1. How are the web3 projects reacting to your product so far?

Candy Club Team has been on an exciting world tour over the last two months exhibiting at the leading Crypto Events globally from Singapore, Vegas, Dubai, London and more. We have had an amazing response from token projects as well as NFT communities and key opinion leaders in crypto space. More importantly have had a chance to engage with communities directly and great AMAs and it’s been exciting to see how excited users are to join the platform!

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

2y ago




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