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COTI V2 Developer Network Goes Live With a 400M Tokens Grant Program

1M ago





To increase privacy across blockchain applications, COTI V2 has introduced advanced Garbled Circuits along with a new grant program that rewards builders for their contributions.

COTI, a Web3 infrastructure development firm, launched a developer network in advance of the forthcoming launch of COTI V2, an Ethereum-based layer-2 network that prioritizes privacy.

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As stated in a press release provided to Cryptopolitan, the COTI V2 developer network has commenced operations, augmenting the blockchain with unprecedented confidentiality and sophisticated garbled protocols.

COTI V2 Launches Revolutionary Developer Network 

COTI V2 is built to improve privacy for a wide range of apps. It is based on an L2 scaling solution on Ethereum. Solidity developers can now easily join the platform’s makers’ program. This gives them access to grants and other necessary tools to make privacy-focused apps.

Thanks to the new COTI V2 devnet, the blockchain has an extra layer of privacy, from stablecoin deals to DeFi exchanges and encrypted payment methods.

Through the developer network, investors, and creators in the market will try out several ways to use Web3. These include private machine learning and AI, safe decentralized finance (DeFi), Dynamic Decentralized Identification, and private transactions for stablecoins, real-world assets, and payments.

Development provisions within the network

The Developer Network offers a range of essential resources for development teams. These include a NodeJS SDK, a Python SDK, server access, comprehensive documentation, a faucet to cover gas for on-chain activity, and an explorer for on-chain analytics. 

The Developer Network is created to facilitate quick experimentation with new smart contracts using COTI V2. It provides an accessible EVM environment that uses the familiar programming language Solidity. 

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The COTI V2 Developer Network uses Garbled Circuits, a powerful cryptographic technique within multi-party computation (MPC). Developer teams can ensure the preservation of private information.

400M $COTI Grant Program Aims to Accelerate Innovation

The COTI foundation has set aside 400 million COTI tokens worth about $52 million towards its new grant program, the ABC Growth Fund. The Grant will spur the development of new use cases and the many possibilities a privacy-focused web3 ecosystem can offer. Builders, creators, and ambassadors on the devnet could participate.

We’re opening our doors to the world with the COTI V2 Developer Network […] and with our Builders program we’re inviting teams around the world to take part in COTI V2’s developer network, and share what you’re building. We have an incredible year ahead of building new things, making new partners, and growing COTI’s network.

— Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI CEO

The COTI ABC Growth Fund program will grant financial support ranging from $1,000 to $100,000 to projects capable of bringing value to the COTI ecosystem.

Cryptopolitan Reporting by Florence Muchai

1M ago




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