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As the monumental launch of Meta-XP is now live on the DataDash App, we at MXC Foundation would like to offer you more insights in regards to what will happen next, with the Post-Meta XP Roadmap.

With the upcoming release of F-NFTs, MXC Metaverse, and much more, Meta-XP acts as a foundational layer. The next stages are going to be huge for you as supporters as well as for us at MXC.

There are astonishing and super exciting developments coming your way and we have been working hard behind the scenes to introduce the following updates and developments with you! Take a careful read through this article as it provides you with the next generation of Multi-Token mining with the power to get the maximum out of your miners!

Mining XP Tracking

In the DataDash App, you will notice the newly-added Egg on your dashboard as well as the new Meta-XP rings and these are important aspects of our upcoming releases. The unique rings on DataDash App allow you to track your performance per chain, whether ERC-20, the lightning network (BTC), Tanganika (DHX) network or soon Polkadot.

Mining XP Tracking will allow you to accurately measure your performance, and thus make multi-token mining much more efficient for you. The rings give you a better insight into your level of participation per chain. This enables everyone to get the most out of their M2 Pro miner. The upgrade of Meta-XP makes mining easier for everyone. This is mining for the people, by the people.

Visualization is key to have a good overview of your miners; the rings perfectly complement this innovation. You can also compare it with other MXCrew supporters and see how well they are performing.

Hexagonal World Map

The highly anticipated Hexagon World Map has now been added to the DataDash App with a brand new update and brand new mapper! It’s time to Metaverse!

With the rollout of the Hexagon map, the introduction to the very early stages of MXC’s Metaverse 1.0 is happening right in front of your eyes. We are just as excited as you are since this will truly show you the world of visualized data with utility and entertainment. This is an open world full of thrilling possibilities. You will have the power and opportunity to dominate your area, whether big or small. It’s your time to conquer the world of hexagons by deploying and spreading M2 Pro miners across all corners of the world.

The specifications of the Hexagon are easy to understand. Every Hexagon has a 2.4km diameter with a unique name in order to correctly identify all the hexagons individually. Every hexagon shows you the amount of M2 Pro devices installed in that area, color coded to differentiate the density of the M2 Pro miners in the region.

Metaverse 1.0

The Metaverse 1.0 being built by MXC Foundation shows that there’s more to it than only the composition of hexagons with different colors. You can start by owning hexagons, and soon have the ability to navigate the world within. You are able to show off NFTs, display various other visuals and even advertise on the Metaverse. Lending out hexagons is also an option and will be hugely beneficial for the supporters that are covering their hexagons.

The Metaverse 1.0 will even support the onboarding opportunities of real-world assets to the Metaverse through NFT tags and the Nexus (keep an eye out on the Nexus to find out more soon).

Multi-Token Mining

Meta-XP allows everyone to enjoy the best out of their M2 Pro Low-Power Multi-Token Miner. The ability to mine multiple tokens is paired with an enhancement mechanism to make sure you make the most out of your mining experience. The current Multi-Token varieties — MXC, DHX and BTC — involve virtually zero operational costs while still strengthening the network by having a PoP mechanism. Additionally, we are onboarding Polkadot (DOT) mining for you in Q4 2022.

There is only one miner in the entire crypto space that is capable of mining multiple tokens. The M2 Pro is and will continue to be the world’s first multi-token miner, and will continue to innovate and solidify its position.


We introduced DataFunks as the NFTs that will play a huge role in MXC’s ecosystem. Not to be confused with standard NFTs, DataFunk F-NFTs are designed to bring functionalities, utilities and customizability to future integrations and implementations. DataFunks is a dynamic and innovative rollout for the future of F-NFTs. DataFunks allow those within the MXC ecosystem to fully customize their experience.

The DataFunk users currently see the electro egg on their DataDash home screens. Everyone is eligible to receive a DataFunk incubator, whether you are an NFT collector, a fully fledged miner, or you just want to have the artwork.. The current electro egg will be combined with other NFTs. Once combined, it will transform into an Incubator. The incubator ensures that the DataFunk embryo can develop correctly and then live an amazing life and has the ability to dominate the ecosystem.

During the different DataFunk phases, there will be various actions you can complete to receive a free DataFunk — a truly unique collection of 5,555 F-NFTs. It is a collection of NFTs that can own other sub-NFTs. You can completely customize your DataFunk to your desired appearance to unlock your desired functionalities. You will be able to win unique DataFunks and various items, have the ability to equip whichever item you want and unlock exclusive benefits and perks that come with each item. This is your chance to show the world how awesome your DataFunk chimp is; your chance to choose which path you will take in your DataFunks journey.

PS: There are many hidden easter eggs in the DataDash App. Can you find them? Show us which ones you found!

About MXC

Based in Berlin, Germany, the MXC Foundation is a purpose-built IoT Foundation with the mission to inspire fast, efficient, decentralized data exchanges using LPWAN, Blockchain, and Token technology. The MXC Foundation is pairing “MXC” — the pioneer IoT cryptocurrency — with advanced LPWAN technology, developing the next, vital step in the fourth industrial revolution, enabling secure, vastly scalable, lightning-fast transactions. Learn more at:

For further information, media requests or comment, please MXC can be contacted directly at or via the website.

POST-META XP ROADMAP was originally published in MXC Foundation on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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