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ApeBond Introduces Flash Bonds: A Structured Opportunity to Purchase Discounted Bitcoin

2M ago





Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, April 23rd, 2024, Chainwire

The cryptocurrency sector is continually evolving, and ApeBond is at the forefront with its new offering: ⚡Flash Bonds. This feature enables participants to acquire Bitcoin (BTC) at specific discounts. ⚡Flash Bonds will be launched on the ApeBond website on April 23rd at 17:00 UTC, with transactions being conducted in USDT.

Exclusive Access, Exclusive Rewards

⚡Flash Bonds offer a structured way to purchase BTC at a set discount. Participants need to achieve a certain Tier status within the ApeBond Launchpad ecosystem to engage. This status can be attained by accumulating Launchpad Points via locking ABOND into veABOND. The sales occur twice a week, with discounts up to 3% based on the participant's Tier. These discounts are predetermined and are maintained throughout the sale duration, irrespective of any price changes in the tokens during that period.

Details of Flash Sale #1 (Tuesday April 23rd, 17:00 UTC):

  • Diamond Tier: Requires 100,000 points for a $50K allocation with a 2% discount.
  • Legend Tier: Requires 500,000 points for a $150K allocation with a 3% discount. This tier will be available soon and points acquired now will count towards this new tier.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tiers do not qualify for participation in the first ⚡Flash Bonds sale. This exclusivity ensures that only the most dedicated investors gain access to this unique deal at the very beginning.

Process Overview:

  1. Users purchase and lock ABOND tokens to earn Launchpad Points.
  2. Locking tokens for extended periods grants users an additional Points Multiplier.
  3. Users accumulate sufficient points to reach the required Diamond or Legend Tier.
  4. Eligible users participate in ⚡Flash Bonds sales, which are held twice weekly.

The first sale offers $200K USD worth of BTC at a discount for a duration of one hour—$50K for Diamond Tier and $150K for Legend Tier holders, with instant vesting after the sale concludes.

The first ⚡Flash Bonds sale is set to ignite the crypto market on Tuesday, April 23rd at 17:00 UTC. ⚡Flash Bonds sales will continue bi-weekly, possibly expanding to include other prominent cryptocurrencies like BNB or ETH.

ApeBond’s Track Record

Since its launch in early 2022, ApeBond has made significant strides in the DeFi bonds market, bonding over $11 million USD and partnering with over 120 Bonds partners across five different chains. The Launchpad, introduced in March, has already facilitated two successful launches, with more planned for the future.

⚡Flash Bonds are integrated with the sales of BTC and other major tokens, aligning with ApeBond’s strategy to enhance the utility and value of the ABOND ecosystem, which rewards sustained engagement.

Participation Details

ApeBond team invites users to join a new era of investment in Bitcoin through ApeBond’s ⚡Flash Bonds, by visiting It is important to note, that only Diamond and Legend Tier holders can participate in this groundbreaking initiative.

About ApeBond

ApeBond is a decentralized finance platform offering a full suite of tools to explore and engage with the future of wealth building. With products ranging from a decentralized exchange, a bonding protocol, and the new Liquidity Health Dashboard, ApeBond empowers users to access DeFi in a secure, transparent, and globally accessible way.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.

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