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0, Bybit, Kucoin, and Among Others to List Ai-Powered bitsCrunch $BCUT Token

AI-enhanced decentralised NFT data network bitsCrunch recently raked in $3.85m in 24 minutes in the community sale. Now its native utility token BCUT was announced to make its debut on leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as KuCoin, ByBit, Gate, Coinlist Pro, and UniSwap among others, with trading kicking off on February 20th at 1 PM UTC.

The news regarding bitsCrunch token listing comes following the unprecedented success of its NFT mint, which saw 2,000 Genesis Pass utility NFTs sold out in 11 seconds within the first come first serve phase. The collection surpassed over 200 ETH in trading volume on the secondary market OpenSea within the first hour. 

Popular cryptocurrency exchanges announced the listing of BCUT earlier today, launching with USDT trading pair.

The $BCUT token is central to the bitsCrunch Network, designed to ensure smooth operations and enhance network security through a blend of cryptographic techniques and economic incentives. This launch follows bitsCrunch’s remarkable achievements in leveraging advanced AI and ML for blockchain and NFT analytics, underscoring its innovative edge in the sector.

“The introduction of the $BCUT token signifies a pivotal moment for bitsCrunch, marking our transition towards a more secure, decentralised, and community-driven network,” stated Vijay Pravin, Founder and CEO of bitsCrunch. “We’re excited to witness the diverse applications and the strengthened security our token will introduce to our ecosystem.”

Key Features and Utilities of $BCUT Token:

Incentive Alignment: $BCUT incentivizes Operators, Delegators, Indicators, and Contributors to stake their tokens, fostering a collaborative ecosystem driven by shared goals and security.

Network Security: The token employs staking to enhance security measures, deterring malicious activities and maintaining network integrity.

Independence and Economic Design: $BCUT ensures the network’s autonomy, reducing reliance on external cryptocurrencies and enabling the design of an economic model tailored to the ecosystem’s unique needs. This includes mechanisms for managing token issuance in line with growth milestones and potential deflationary measures to sustain the network’s value.

Decentralised Governance: Token holders are empowered to propose and vote on network changes, ensuring a decentralised governance structure that aligns with the network’s ethos.

Discounting Mechanism: Stakeholders can leverage $BCUT for discounts on data queries, promoting active engagement within the bitsCrunch ecosystem.

As bitsCrunch gears up for this significant milestone, the company extends an invitation to its community and potential investors to participate in the launch and trading of $BCUT. This strategic expansion is a testament to bitsCrunch’s commitment to innovation, security, and the democratisation of digital asset analytics.

About bitsCrunch

bitsCrunch is a community-driven decentralised network leveraging advanced computations and AI/ML algorithms to provide smart insights on NFTs and blockchain assets. The company excels in analytics solutions, offering APIs to leading web3 entities like DappRadar and Unstoppable Domains, and operates UnleashNFTs, a separate B2C NFT analytics platform. With partnerships including MasterCard, EY, PwC, and Accenture, bitsCrunch adopts a revenue-generating B2B model alongside its B2C offerings.

Websites: bitsCrunch | UnleashNFTs

Socials: Twitter | Discord

Media Contact: 

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