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Rewardiqa platform takes DeFi to the next level

2y ago





It’s time to say it. Our major problems are caused by the traditional banking system, which is getting worse by the day.

First, there is no representation of data and financial security. Second, transaction costs are insane, and bank transfers take plenty of time – especially when our family and friends need them the most.

Not to say how vulnerable individuals became, as the bank’s workers obstructed their funds for no reason.

Unfortunately, that’s what happens when a single party is controlling all of these activities. We can’t tell for sure what funds we will have access to in the near future. This ambiguity and uncertainty are why people are looking for banking substitutes.

We have an extremely unsteady global economy. But happily, Rewardiqa represents the next step in the financial system with its completely decentralized banking structure.

Our Vision & Mission

Time connects us all irrespective of our origin or social rank. Time is limited. Time is finite. We cannot retrieve or prolong time. In today’s world, our time is mostly controlled externally.

Time is controlled by our jobs, our customers, our social obligations. We believe that every person in this world has the right to be in control of their own time. Implementing this right is our vision.

Therefore, we aim to create an equilibrium between time and money. We are establishing a global Decentralized Finance Platform. People around the world will be able to make real money by staking, lending, or borrowing Rewardiqa & major Coins such as ETH, ADA, DIA, LINK, YFI, BNB, and so on. Our mission is to give every person access to this opportunity no matter whether they come from a village in Vietnam, the outskirts of Ber-lin, or downtown Manhattan.

What is Rewardiqa?

Rewardiqa is a global Reward app that combines some of the best features of money market protocols, while offering its own unique features, enabling users to enjoy the promises of #DEFI. Earn money wherever and whenever you desire, earn cryptocurrency absolutely risk-free, whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or our own Rewardiqa token.

Rewardiqa is a well-known crypto project, they have a big community and more than 30k users on their reward app, you can check their token value and updates on Coinmarketcap

Rewardiqa’s Principles

 Effective global inclusion can only happen when all   platforms participants can negotiate and settle efficiently

The ability to earn and improve one’s condition is a basic human right

Efficiency is about respecting the most valuable resource of all time

What financial products do they have?

Rewardiqa conquered many people due to its wide variety of financial products, which expands crypto usability.

Yield Farming

Not so long ago, this business technique was available just with the intervention of third parties. However, with DeFi expanding its potential, Rewardiqa offers it on the blockchain as well.

If you are not familiar with this term, think about this simple scenario:

You lend some crypto to someone, expending an interest. The borrower lends those cryptocurrencies to someone else, and so on. In the end, you get compound interest. Simple, right?


Vaults are a new generation of crypto wallets that are not connected to any kind of network – adding a new security layer to your account. They are perfect if you are planning to hold your assets for a long-term profit.

Lending markets

Lending markets are pretty similar to lending on banks but without third parties. Not just that you can set yourself free from the inconsistent picky behavior of bank employees, but it’s a lot faster. The lending and borrowing activities are done instantly, with no need for someone to validate them.

Non-fungible tokens

These are perfect for people who like variety, moving from one platform to another. They are a new type of cryptocurrencies that preserve ownership rights, are transferable and authentic.


With promising companies like Rewardiqa, the DeFi technology will soon conquer more and more economic enthusiasts, bringing closer a future that is more financially healthy, safer, quicker, and of course, carefree.



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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be taken as news/advice.

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