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Japan’s JR Kyushu Leverages Astar Network to Launch NFTs, Elevating Customer Engagement





astar network NFT

Kyushu Railway Company (JR Kyushu), a prominent member of Japan’s expansive Japan Railway Group, has unveiled plans to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Astar Network, a versatile smart contract platform for multichain applications. Teaming up with P.R.O. Co., Ltd., JR Kyushu aims to forge new connections with its users by distributing NFTs, thereby strengthening its existing customer relationships.

This innovative endeavor presents an exciting opportunity for JR Kyushu to engage with its audience in novel ways and explore the potential of blockchain technology within the realm of rail travel. Commencing in July 2023, the JR Kyushu NFT project will introduce exciting new avenues for riders to savor their time exploring the enchanting region of Kyushu while simultaneously capturing a comprehensive record of their travel experiences.

As an initial proof-of-concept, JR Kyushu and PRO will distribute a complimentary NFT showcasing the captivating Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen during the Blockchain Expo in Tokyo, held from May 10th to May 12th. This initiative not only elevates the travel journey for riders but also offers a tangible way to commemorate and celebrate their connection with Kyushu’s remarkable railway network.

Unlocking Real-World Value for NFTs in Japan

JR Kyushu, an integral part of Japan’s expansive railway network, operates intercity rail services within Kyushu, the country’s third-largest island. In addition to its rail services, JR Kyushu is involved in freight transportation, bus services, hospitality, and various related ventures. With a staggering annual ridership exceeding 330 million people, JR Kyushu plays a pivotal role in connecting communities, facilitating travel, and serving the transportation needs of Kyushu’s population.

This pioneering collaboration is set to revolutionize the utility of NFTs within Japan. While NFTs are typically associated with trading and digital art, JR Kyushu is poised to harness this transformative technology to offer visitors tangible memorabilia and evidence of their experiences, encompassing their visits, rides, and interactions with the JR Kyushu system. By leveraging NFTs in this innovative manner, JR Kyushu aims to enhance the overall visitor experience and provide lasting mementos that capture the essence of their journey through the JR Kyushu network.

Astar Network Founder Sota Watanabe said: “At Astar Network, we’re excited to see more real-life use cases of enterprises exploring and leveraging NFTs to build closer relationships with their customers and provide new value. We look forward to supporting PRO Japan and JR Kyushu in their endeavor.”

In a strategic decision, the railway operator has opted for Astar Network, Japan’s premier public blockchain, renowned for its competitive fee structure, exceptional scalability, and a team with an extensive understanding of the local market. Astar Network stands at the forefront of the NFT revolution, which has been gaining momentum across Japan, with numerous prominent brands embracing the transformative potential of Web3.

Japan’s Premier Layer-1 Blockchain Network

Starting from the project’s anticipated launch in July, passengers will have the opportunity to acquire exclusive commemorative NFTs either through direct purchase or by engaging with the railway system. Possessing specific NFTs may unlock additional benefits and grant access to limited edition tokens, further enhancing the rider experience. Users will have the convenience of purchasing these NFTs using the local currency, the Japanese yen, making the process seamless and accessible to all.

JR Kyushu’s foray into the NFT realm promises to bring a new level of enjoyment and collectibility for travelers as they embark on their journeys across the railway system. In the past, Astar Network has collaborated with renowned Japanese corporations such as Toyota Motor Corporation and Sony Network Communications, demonstrating their commitment to exploring the vast opportunities presented by Web3 technology.

Distinguished as the foremost Layer-1 blockchain in Japan, Astar Network has garnered widespread acclaim, earning the esteemed title of the country’s most popular blockchain as voted by the Japanese Blockchain Association. Notably, Astar Network holds the distinction of being the first public blockchain from Japan to secure a listing, despite the nation’s rigorous listing regulations.

Further cementing its credibility, Astar’s native token, ASTR, has been officially recognized as a cryptocurrency by the Japanese government, affirming its status as a trusted digital asset within the regulatory framework. Astar Network continues to lead the way in Japan’s blockchain landscape, setting a benchmark for excellence and innovation.

Empowering Growth and Rewarding Contributions

Renowned as Japan’s most favored smart contract platform, Astar Network boasts exceptional versatility, supporting both EVM and WebAssembly (Wasm) environments while facilitating seamless interoperability between them through its Cross-Virtual Machine. Astar Network warmly embraces developers of all backgrounds, offering support for a wide range of tools and programming languages they are already familiar with.

Fueled by the robust security provided by the Polkadot ecosystem, Astar Network shines brightly in its own right, thriving within a dynamic and thriving ecosystem. It stands as a prominent force in the blockchain industry, propelling global corporate adoption and sparking consumer enthusiasm for the transformative potential of Web3 technologies.

Astar Network’s visionary Build2Earn program revolutionizes network expansion by fostering innovation and providing rewarding opportunities for participants and builders alike. This groundbreaking initiative enables developers to earn incentives for constructing and sustaining their decentralized applications, while users can earn incentives for backing their preferred projects.

By incentivizing active participation and supporting the ecosystem’s overall growth, the Build2Earn program nurtures a thriving environment that encourages collaboration, creativity, and sustainable development. Astar Network continues to empower individuals to contribute to the network’s success while reaping the benefits of their valuable contributions.

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