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Unique Features of Optimus Exchange: An Optimal Cryptocurrency Trading Ecosystem

3y ago





Choosing a crypto exchange from a variety of existing ones is a tough task. It even becomes harder when the exchange in question is a new one in the industry. At one point, you’re confused between choosing age vs. features. 

Yes, there are new cryptocurrency exchanges that transformed the industry within the first few days of existence. And yes, there are also illegal ones that threatened to strangle the industry. Within a few months in the market, Optimus Exchange has won the trust of many investors and project owners. 

This article is about Optimus Exchange, what it is, and the peculiar features that distinguish it from other exchanges.

Optimus Exchange Overview 

Optimus is a new Exchange with a vision to provide an optimal trading environment for traders. The platform is built on the Neblio blockchain and uses OPTX as its native token. OPTX is used throughout the platform for paying the trading fees, token listing fees, IEO fee, and for token promotion. The value of the token is determined by traders.

Optimus Exchange also provides several ways in which you can earn OPTX tokens, trading, joining platforms beta program, through the affiliate program by referring others to the platform, or through competitions and giveaways. The platform provides a native wallet for the storage of your tokens. You can also store your tokens in an external wallet as long as the wallet supports NTP1 tokens.

Unique Features of Optimus Exchange

The following are unique features inherent to Optimus Exchange to ensure an optimal trading ecosystem.

Beta Program

Optimus’ Beta program is an initiative that aims at encouraging traders to join the best crypto exchange in the market. It allows Optimus users to earn OPTX tokens during the beta phase of the platform. 

The exchange has allocated 8 Trillion OPTX, 80% of the total supplied OPTX tokens for the program. The 8 Trillion tokens are further divided as follows: 

90% (7 Trillion) of the tokens will be complementarity distributed to the first one hundred thousand traders. Every qualified beta trader stands a chance to get up to 70 Million OPTX tokens. The tokens will be locked in a different wallet to be given as a bonus when you reach certain levels (1-10) in your trading.

The remaining 1 Trillion OPTX Tokens will be given to the first 1000 PRO beta traders, with each getting up to 1 Billion tokens given as bonuses at different trading levels. 

You qualify for the first bonus when your trading volume hits +1 BTC within the first three months. Also, the more you trade via the platform, the higher the rewards you get.

To become a pro beta trader, you have to be willing to trade consistently and at high volume. A pro beta account gives you access to higher reward tiers compared to regular beta traders at certain trading levels.

 Affiliate Program

Optimus Exchange affiliate program allows you to earn OPTX tokens for referring others to the exchange. Optimus’ affiliate program involves a 3 level in-built referral system built with utmost efficiency to ensure the protocols are well executed. 

In Essence, for every trader you refer to the exchange, you receive a percentage of their trading fees three levels down. The affiliate system works like a family tree that runs to the third generation.

Consider a family in which you are the parent. Your first referral becomes your child. Your child then refers to another trader who becomes your grandchild. Your grandchild’s referral becomes your great-grandchild. 

From this tree, you receive 25%, 15%, and 10% respectively down the generation according to their trading fee. Each generation can become a parent of their family and get rewards three levels down the tree as long as they refer more traders to the exchange. The more the people you refer to the exchange, the higher the rewards you receive.

ESO Airdrop Campaign

ESO is a decentralized mobile and PC application with an end-to-end encrypted communication. The application which was created in 2018 by the original founders of Clearpoll, Daniel Abela and Robert Culley will be launched in July 2020. It has ESOS, an ERC-20 Token with a maximum supply of 70 Million, as its main digital asset.

ESO will be holding an airdrop campaign that will run from July 7th  until July 10th. This campaign was first planned to take place in 2018. The campaign was later postponed and will be happening on July 10th. Unless you hold Clearpoll’s POLL token, you won’t be able to get ESOS tokens since the snapshot was already taken.

Fortunately, ESOS will be listed on Optimus Exchange. Good news is that you can now get ESOS tokens thanks to Optimus Exchange’s OPTX:ESOS Airdrop campaign. The campaign is the only chance left to get ESOS before it is listed on exchanges since you can’t get in the old POLL holders airdrop and that the token will not have ICO. More details about OPTX:ESOS airdrop can be found here.

Airdrop Campaign

Also, in line with the campaign, Optimus Exchange will run a special airdrop where participants selected randomly stand a chance to win up to 10 Million OPTX first prize, 1,000,000 OPTX for the 2nd to 10th positions, and 100,000 OPTX for 11th to 20th position. The total prize to be won is 20,000,000 OPTX.

There are 13 ways to enter Optimus Exchange’s giveaway, including following Optimus Exchange and ESO Project on Twitter, Tweeting, and retweeting about the giveaway and listing of the ESO project on your timeline. More entry details are clarified on their giveaway page


During its launch, the Optimus Exchange team promised to provide an optimal ecosystem for cryptocurrency trading. Fast forward to the platform’s few months of existence, and the exchange is the most vouched among cryptocurrency exchanges. Today, the exchange is one of the most followed with almost 30k total followers across its twitter and telegram accounts. 

The high rate of adoption is definitely as a result of great user experience thanks to the user-centric approach of implementing things. Optimus Exchange offers great programs that are aimed at improving user’s profits by giving away OPTX tokens. The fact that Optimus did not offer an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) also makes it resonate with many crypto traders. Undoubtedly, Optimus Exchange is the future of cryptocurrency trading.

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