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Lumos Labs Hackathon Winners!

3M ago




The Lumos Labs BUIDL for Web3 Hack 2022 Hackathon has ended, and here are the æternity blockchain winners!

The BUIDL for Web3 Hack 2022 has helped bring out the full potential of the global developer talent community. Following a highly competitive hackathon, in which quite a few solutions benefit from the æternity blockchain protocol, Lumos Labs have announced 33 winners — and out of the 11 æternity blockchain-using submissions, there are three winners — in the DeFi and DAO categories.

Here are the winners

  1. AEUSD

AEUSD — an overcollateralized stable coin project.

AEUSD is a collateral-backed stable coin that enables people to take out a loan by putting up the Æ coin as collateral. Given the recent increase in stablecoin demand, as well as the current market downturn, the AEUSD team saw an opportunity. Filling out the gaps in the status quo, the AEUSD team provided an alternative to centralized stable coins and has, in the process, eliminated the necessity for a single point of failure by creating a completely decentralized solution.

Thanks to the æternity blockchain as the underlying basis, the AEUSD team is pushing the boundaries of DeFI away from the current atmosphere of turmoil.

“The main rationale behind developing a stablecoin was that as æternity already has a mature DEX, a fungible token standard, and oracles — we thought it would be really cool to develop something that would utilize all of these,” AEUSD creators said.

Looking ahead, they added that they are “still a bit stuck on the pricing feed matter, the problem of how to make it decentralized because that is currently the single point of failure for the platform. Next, we are integrating the Superhero DEX for automated liquidations.” They are confident that, once they “sort this issue out, we can think of launching on the mainnet and providing a decentralized stable coin to the æternity community.”

Useful links:
- AEUSD on GitHub
- AEUSD Design on Canva

2. Nuclearswap

Nuclearswap facilitates crosschain swaps.

Benefiting from the potential that the æternity blockchain has, Nuclearswap allows for cross-chain swaps to become a reality. You can find out more about it — right here! The Ferumflex team aims to unleash the full potential of DeFi on the æternity blockchain. (Currently, users can move USDT from ETH testnet to the æternity testnet)

As the creators of Nuclearswap put it, they “like DeFi and understand the importance of it — it should be fast, secure, and accessible to everyone.” Looking ahead at 2023, the team aims to launch on mainnet, add more currencies, and even to build a borrow/lending protocol on top!

Useful links:
- Nuclearswap on GitHub
- Nuclearswap demo on YouTube
- aerenity Beta
- Forum discussion

3. Cluster

Cluster is a decentralized application for DAO creation and management that utilizes the æternity blockchain.

Cluster seeks to eliminate the trust gap between parties interacting on the internet that seek to start an organization together. Mending the trust gap problem with a DAO by relying on the 100% transparency of the solution opens up swaths of novel opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between parties that don’t know each other that well.

Cluster caters to its users by creating an environment that is just that — open, transparent, and secure. It facilitates the easy creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization without having any technical knowledge.

According to Cluster creators, they created it because they “want to make it easy for regular people to create and manage a DAO. So that anyone from anywhere in the world can create an organization that involves funding from anyone around the world without having to trust each other.” Looking ahead, the team aims to add more DAO templates in order to allow users to “choose from a variety of DAO membership models, as well as test components, and finally deploy to Aeternity mainnet,” all by Q2 2023.

Useful links:
- Cluster
- Cluster on GitHub
- Cluster presentation on Vimeo

Congratulations to all of the winners, especially the ones that saw and seized the potential of the æternity blockchain protocol! These endeavors are a clear testament to the strength and the depth of community development that are present in the æcosystem.

Moreover, and in particular, these winners are a clear herald of the incoming exploration of the potential of DeFi and DAO development. As the community turns forward to incoming builds and solutions in the same vein, everybody should keep in mind the recently-deployed Superhero DEX — an æternity blockchain-powered decentralized exchange that only adds to the solutions that came to the fore during the hackathon.

Here’s hoping that these cool, new æpps will be tested out and put to good use by all!

More hackathons are on their way — and there will be more info for all quite soon! Until then, stay up to date with all important hackathon-related information by joining the æternity blockchain discord channel!

Lumos Labs Hackathon Winners! was originally published in æternity blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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