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Fanadise is an Exclusive Content Subscription Platform Made for NFT’s

3y ago




It’s 2021 and influencers mean more than ever before. Jake Paul just sold tickets worth 65 mln USD for his boxer fight organized by the Triller agency (which he also owns). Mr Beast amassed 1 million viewers under just one 24-minutes YouTube gaming livestream. Last year Kylie Jenner became the world’s first influencer-billionaire. Some sort of internet career is the most popular choice among youth all over the world.

Influencers are taking over.

Fanadise is an exclusive content platform created for internet influencers to monetize their social presence and to bring interactions with followers to a whole new level.

While all news outlets from the past few years hid behind paywalls and started to get their fair share for the work they put into preparing the news, internet creators remained highly underpaid. The Fanadise team aims to change that - and they promise to bring so much more to the table.

The advertising duopoly of Facebook/Instagram and Google is driving this market forward, bringing them billions of dollars of revenue at the same time. So far they are the biggest beneficiaries of the social media revolution that happened in the past decade with combined ads revenue over 200 mln USD. But what if there’s an even bigger cake left so far unnoticed?

Jakub Chmielniak, the co-founder of, says that such a cake indeed exists: “direct influencer monetization — private content platforms powered by NFT — the decentralized social media”.

NFT’s are a revolution in ownership

Every single piece of content influencers post on-line is being fully licensed to Facebook, TikTok or Google. For the very same reason it becomes worthless. And that gives a room for a change.

Fanadise wants to become a platform where you pay to see a unique video from your favourite creator and at the same time you get in return something more than just the thrill of experience — a real ownership of the content you are subscribed to. And that piece of content would not only belong to you but could be resold to any other fan interested in it.

What if you make more money from that single piece of content than you for the subscription — or even a whole year of it? What if the creator gets his or her cut every single time someone sells it, so everyone benefits from the market? That’s what our ecosystem is going to be about.” - says Bartek Sibiga, the second co-founder (he’s also the CEO of Polish biggest influencer marketing agency called DDOB).

All the digital content produced by the creator is tied to NFTs. Each token has its own ID from 1 to supply limit (n). Moments can be drawn from packs or be bought from the marketplace. Packs can be purchased via subscription (depending on lvl) and/or purchased from a drop.

Fanadise is creating the gamified NFT system for staking, merging, and collecting the influencer moments

So, what can you do with the $FAN token?

  • stake $FAN token to earn more NFTs
  • have bigger change to get higher level Moments
  • take part in our daily lottery to win NFTs and $FAN tokens
  • pay with $FAN token to get unique subscription levels and the most premium content
  • the longer you stake, the better moments you get
  • $FAN means better discounts for content and merchandising
  • use $FAN to merge your existing common NFTs into rare items
  • create liquidity pool to earn more $FAN tokens
  • get the tickets to the events available only to $FAN holders

By the means of staking and utilities, Fanadise team wants to reduce the number of $FANs being traded daily to increase the token value. At the same time $FAN is supposed to be a token widely used by the community. Let’s see if they can really make it happen. 

Fanadise already managed to put together an experienced team (the third co-founder is the biggest Polish YouTuber Stuart Burton - Stuu, with his 7 mln followers among many social media platforms) of 12 people. They also claim they signed 30 influencers so far from Poland, Turkey, Russia, Germany and UK.

What else can be said? Visit their website and join the public sale that will take place on May 25, 2021. Right now there’s also a slight chance you’re gonna catch them at their private sale (0.05$ per token — not a financial advice). Better hurry!

3y ago




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