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Golteum (GLTM) Price Sets to Spike as Valkyrie Files for Spot Bitcoin





Renowned investment management firm Valkyrie has pumped excitement into the cryptocurrency ecosystem as it refiled for a Spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). This move is coming after several similar firms refiled their applications, and it was mostly caused by optimism for BlackRock’s similar filing. Bitcoin is trading above $30,000 as a show of strength and with great bullish sentiments.

Over the past months, different traditional financial institutions have applied for spot Bitcoin ETFs. These include Invesco, Fidelity, VanEsc, and BlackRock, which first submitted the proposal. 

Valkyrie’s reapplication addresses the problems of “lack of clarity and comprehensiveness,” which was why the SEC rejected the earlier applications. Having sorted these issues out, the crypto market anticipates an upward spike with the hope that the SEC will finally approve. 

Consequently, smart investors are now looking for low-priced gems to invest in to cash out massive gains. Golteum (GLTM) is top on the list of cheap tokens that will enjoy the most massive gains when the Spot Bitcoin ETF goes live.


What Happens to the Crypto Market When Bitcoin Becomes an ETF?

There are already seven Bitcoin ETFs in the market, with over 20 waiting for approval. This recent flurry of filings started with BlackRock, and its significance is a result of the firm’s size. BlackRock is the largest asset management firm, and most financial enthusiasts believe there’s no way the SEC will reject the firm.

Approval of the recent filings will do well for the crypto market. Most experts predict an all-out bull run as the move will encourage new liquidity into the crypto market. As the narratives for a bull run continue to shape up, investors are on the lookout for emerging market opportunities as Golteum leads the way as a prospective project to get on toward launch. 

Golteum (GLTM) As An Emerging Gainer To Watch

Smart investors always gather bags of low-priced gems whenever they expect a bullish market movement. This is why there’s an increased demand for GLTM at the moment. Golteum’s (GLTM) second presale is on now, and it’s your best opportunity to buy cheaply and make massive gains in the future. 

Each GLTM token sells for $0.012 during this second presale with a 15% bonus. This investment holds great promise, as analysts predict that GLTM price will hit $5 when it lists on several exchanges. 

Golteum is a multi-asset trading platform where blockchain users can trade tokenized NFT precious metals alongside regular cryptocurrencies. It is highly secured with Fireblock Technology, and ChainLink Build’s proof-of-reserve provides accurate pricing data and a transparent view of the platform’s treasury. 

Auditors from Certik have conducted a full-scale audit of Golteum’s smart contract and security apparatus and certified it safe and secure for transactions. In this regard, they decorated six of the Golteum team members with the converted Certik Silver Badge. So you can rest assured that your investment is secure and making a profit is imminent. 

Many investors are already stacking millions of GLTM, waiting for the SEC to give the green light on the ETF fillings. Exciting days are ahead. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being an early adopter. 

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