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Golden Inu Token Up +28% — Tops Binance Chain’s Best: $DOT +11%, $DAI +4%, $ZEC +13%

12M ago




There’s theories in the crypto community that Binance is becoming the only cryptocurrency exchange immune from crash.  This theory, based on facts, appears to have trickled into the value of the native Binance Coin, $BNB, and well-structured bep20 tokens.  In fact, Binance Smart Chain tokens are outperforming rival blockchain tokens and native coins.  

Golden Inu Token Continues Gaining For 3rd Week

Recently listed on Pancake Swap, Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] has become a dominant bep20 coin since its public offering.  In its 3rd week of trading on a public decentralized exchange, the dog themed crypto has consistently outperformed rivals Shiba Inu, Doge, Shikoku, Floki Inu, Baby Doge Coin, and Baby Shiba Inu. 

Today, the cryptocurrency required on the ‘Golden Quest’ job platform, is up +28% and rising.  Over 35 people have joined the tokens official subreddit (@GoldenInuToken) as it races towards 1000 members.  

The positive gain in Golden Inu’s token value is a market high for Monday, which is a day most traders are seeking opportunities to make gains. According to CMC’s Top BNB Chain token’s list [ by market cap], where $GOLDEN is not yet listed,  none of Binace Smart Chain’s top 5 crypto brands compare.

The list of Top BNB Chain Tokens By Market Capitalization Today:

(percentage rounded; no stablecoins):

  1. BNB  [$BNB] — +10.8%
  2. Dogecoin: $DOGE — +8.6%
  3. Polkadot: $DOT — +9.9%
  4. Dai: $DAI +3.82%
  5. MultiversX: $EGLD — +10.5%

The 24-hour results indicate Golden Inu continues in a vertical path that’s un-rivaled by most.   And with it being a new token with low market cap, it’s unlikely to be matched for some time. 

The crypto brand’s community efforts are what’s pushing up its value currently.  When major websites and media publications pick up on the low market cap and ecosystem development, a much bigger explosion in market cap value will occur.  Predictions have been made that this could be the next crypto to change a $5 investment to $1-Mililon-Dollars.

Though that appears to be the best at the moment, a portfolio of BSC tokens is not a bad idea.  Other Binance Smart Chain based cryptos are doing exceedingly well.   Maker [$MKR] for instance has outperformed  $GOLDEN today, growing in value by 33.4% in value.  However,  it’s still down 0.51% on the week, whereas the top token Golden inu is up 300% in the same time frame.

ZCASH [$SEC] had great gains but a vulnerability was found by developers recently that could send it plummeting.

Conflux Up Nearly 64% on Day But Is Market Cap Ceiling Near?

BEP20 token Conflux [$CFX] is hovering around the same gains as Golden Inu.    It gained 385% on the month and holds a value of US$0.24 per token.   It grew a stunning 63.8% in the last 24 hours. 

Though it’s not in the top 5 market cap wise, it is in the Top 20.    It has a current market cap of US$646-Million which indicates it may have less space to grow than $GOLDEN long term but in the short term, it is a great bep20 token to have in the portfolio.   But by all means, traders will likely be watching it closely for a ceiling to its market capitalization, which could indicate a slow down in growth.

Coins Outside the Binance Blockchain

Going off-chain, the gaps in comparisons to Binance Chains top cryptocurrencies are completely lop-sided.    Few of the top tokens from the Ethereum blockchain, Stellar Lumens network, Ripple Blockchain are at a healthy position from one month ago.


The increase of value in Binance’s  ‘Shiba Inu Killer’ is over 15x more  than what Ripple’s XRP coin’s investors have gained today.   BNB coin grew more than 6x that of the Ripple crypto.    Conflux diminished the token’s gains by 34x more.

The $XRP coin is see-sawing into positive and negative today, currently up by only 1.85% in the last 24 hours.    Currently standing at the coin price of US$.39,  it’s still down from 1 month ago by 0.06%.

DogeCoin Still Down 10% on Month

Formerly an ERC20 token, after names like Elon Musk sent this token to the moon, DOGEcoin switched from Ethereum Blockchain to its own system.   Still, the value of this token can’t seem to defeat the crypto bear market. And defeating is even harder when Musk himself has slammed cryptocurrency in general via twitter just last week. He’s rolled over on the DogeArmy. But luckily the token has at least managed to rise 2.6% in value in the last 24 hours as it could continue to fall in a worse case scenario.

New Cryptomeme: Elon Musk has rolled Over On Doge

$DOGE coin is currently priced at US$0.07 — cents on the dollar.  This is far from the tokens pinnacle of 73-cents in May of 2021.    And it continues on a downward slope, down over 10% from the last month’s price and over 35% from 1 year ago.

Many of DogeCoin and Shiba Inu’s loyal followers have switched part of their portfolio to the Golden Inu token due to it actually having utility.  The “Golden Quest” job platform may be in beta, but the concept alongside the roadmap looks better than all the facades pushed by Shiba Inu and Dogecoin’s developers thus far.  Both of the highly popular meme tokens still lack utility, even within their own community.

Ethereum Blockchain’s Top Puppy

$SHIB, an ERC20 token based on Ethereum blockchain, is reflecting this lack of utility. THough it’s claimed to have released ‘Shibarium beta,’ many loyalists on reddit can’t explain what they are looking at, beyond a website.

The layer-2 technology is supposed to aid transaction speeds in cryptocurrency, doing 1-Million TPS [transactions per second] and lower fees.  However, the website seems to be a method to connect wallets and not much more.   

For $SHIB holders however, it appears to be burning billions of Shiba Inu tokens as promised.   However, it’s not influencing the cryptocurrency’s price.  It only rose by 5.47% today which is less than 1/6th of the growth by its better secured version and new rival, Golden Inu [$GOLDEN].  

On the month, $SHIB token is down nearly 10%.   And this deficit is expected to increase as massive whale sell-offs have been occurring since Shibarium’s underwhelming debut. Smart money and educated investors appear to be tired of the delays and faces, and shifting attention to newer and older consistent projects.

LTC Price Up 6.2%, Moving Slow But Steady

Litecoin is one of those projects investors have been following closely.  It’s the second oldest cryptocurrency still being actively traded on the market today.

The native coin of the it’s self-titled, open-source Blockchain, has seen steady growth but predicted to remain bearish in months going forward.    It’s up 6.2% in the last 24 hours and up 38.4% from 6 months ago.     It’s one of the few tokens that’s up on the year as well.

Litecoin’s dedication to improving crypto transaction speeds for e-commerce have landed it ahead of most coins in utility value.     Bitpay highlights it as gaining significant traction on Bitcoin when it comes to what online shoppers prefer to use, mainly for its lower fees.

While Litecoin is not performing as well as Golden Inu and Conflux in the last 3 months, it’s still viewed as a sturdy portfolio investment. 

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