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Beldex Preço






Gráfico de Preço de Beldex (BDX)


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Dec 17, 2018

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Nov 1, 2019

Atualização de Preço de Beldex

Beldex price is $0,04602, acima 2.31% in the last 24 hours, and the live market cap is $307.306.260. It has circulating supply of 6,678,265,505 BDX coins and a max supply of 9,925,965,518 BDX alongside $1.054.376 24h trading volume.


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Sobre Beldex

Beldex is a leading privacy-based ecosystem of decentralized privacy-first applications that protect your privacy. It's an all-in-one source for your online privacy ranging from private messages to private transactions.

Beldex project aims to bring privacy as the foremost aspect of cryptocurrency through its native utility coin BDX.

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Let's get right to it!

What Is Beldex

The Beldex ecosystem was created to solve the privacy problem in blockchain technology. The entire project is based on making blockchain transactions more private, untraceable, and secure.

Blockchain technology was marketed to the general public as private and completely anonymous. However, the promise of pseudonymity has proved to be hype, as, over the years, Bitcoin or Ethereum transactions have been repeatedly traced to real owners. Private addresses have proved sufficient to identify the users behind them and expose the nature and details of transactions to the public.

Privacy-based altcoins such as Beldex were created to overcome this issue by allowing users to anonymously transact with a privacy coin. In a privacy-based blockchain, the transaction does not reveal the sender, the receiver, or the transaction amount.

Beldex is a fork of Monero, a privacy-oriented service popular for its anonymity and untraceability among crypto investors preferring private coins.

Beldex is a privacy coin that provides a private ecosystem through decentralized applications. It's based on advanced hybrid digital decentralized technology with higher liquidity and private transactions.

The Beldex blockchain offers its users advanced Pro privacy features such as:

  • Untraceable Roots — Beldex uses the RingCT network type but with a larger size of RingCT. 
  • Confidential Transactions — Transactions are completely anonymous and private. 
  • Airdrop — If an individual stakes a certain amount of crypto in the wallet, they get a specific number of rewards in the form of the same coin.

Beldex Coin

The native protocol coin for the Beldex ecosystem is the BDX coin. The BDX token protects the users' privacy in the Beldex ecosystem, enabling privacy in messages, transactions, browser usage, and IP location.

Beldex is supported by masternodes and miners. Staking and POS Masternode allow validators to secure the network while incentivizing them. Users can earn BDX coins using masternode staking. Anyone can bet on BDX and become a validator by setting up a dedicated masternode or betting on Beldex's shared masternode pools.

The highest price for Beldex was $137,242,055 on Sep 02, 2020, and Beldex had an all time low of $0.000275185815 on Nov 01, 2019.

Beldex Founders

The Beldex ecosystem is built and maintained by a team of professionals from various industries. According to the official website, the Beldex team consists of accomplished professionals from finance, marketing, and technology who uphold the ethos of community-first and decentralization.

The team is led by Afanddy B Hushni, who has 22+ years of experience in Trade, Investment, Quantitative Trading and Crypto Asset Management.

How Does Beldex Work

Beldex uses a Proof-of-Stake consensus to establish confidentiality and ensure anonymity over transactions. Namely, it uses Cryptonote privacy protocol service to obfuscate its users' transactions. As such, Beldex employs a combination of ring signature, ringCT, and stealth addresses:

  • Ring Signature: It helps to obfuscate the sender by mixing up the sender's details with other inputs. So, the sender's details will be hidden.
  • Ring CT: Ring Confidential Transactions verify the ring transaction's input and output and obfuscate the transacted amount.
  • Stealth Addresses: They are used to hide the receiver's identity. It's an integrated address created on the wallet and shared with the sender. The main address won’t be revealed to anyone, and funds sent to the integrated address are received at the main address.

The ecosystem provides its users with such Privacy-first decentralized applications as:

  • BChat
  • Beldex Wallet
  • Beldex Bridge
  • Beldex Browser 
  • BelNet
  • Beldex Privacy Protocol. 

Where to Buy Beldex

The top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Beldex are MEXC, HitBTC, Coinsbit, Bitcoiva, and Hotbit

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