Jerome Powell is the Real Bitcoin Bull

Nothing changed in the message the Federal Reserve delivered after concluding its two-day policy meeting on Wednesday. Jerome Powell, the US central bank’s chairman, decided to maintain their benchmark interest rates near zero and pledged to offer more monetary support if necessary. As he delivered his monthly press brief, the US dollar index was falling…

Is Pi Network a Scam or Legitimate Crypto Project?

Is Pi Network a crypto scam? Not yet. Because a scam, as it sounds, requires criminal entities to mislead victims into putting their money in a fraudulent scheme. Scammers promise higher investment returns or rewards such as a yacht, a Mercedes Benz, or even a penthouse. But what they do is disappear with the money….

The Ultimate Kraken Review (for 2020)

Kraken is an incredibly powerful cryptocurrency exchange and is one of the most popular blockchain platforms in the world. However, Kraken has many competitors and might not be the correct option for every cryptocurrency investor and trader

How to Short Bitcoin in 2020 (Top 6 Ways)

There’s no denying that Bitcoin is one of the most volatile assets in the world. While volatility may turn more risk-averse investors away, it means there’s room to profit in both bullish and bearish markets if you know how to properly short the asset. Here’s how to short Bitcoin in 2020 and beyond.

Is Binance Still Safe in 2020?

Is Binance still safe? After $40 million dollars in Bitcoin was stolen from the exchange earlier this year (in addition to several other blunders), people are wondering about the security of their digital assets held on what was once the world’s largest exchange by volume.