The crypto market is on a wild ride UP. In response to this, we’ve been closely tracking the increasing needs of our users. The top needs are more daily portfolio syncs, more wallet and exchange connections, and faster customer support.

So, we got to work and made something special for you: the Degen plan 👑

What’s inside?

  • Unlimited daily syncs 
  • 1M history transactions
  • 500 portfolio connections
  • VIP support in under 1 hour
  • Plus, all the perks in CoinStats Premium

The Degen plan is your new way to ride the bull market with confidence. It’s designed for the dedicated—for those who breathe, eat, and sleep crypto. This new plan is our answer to the community’s call for more powerful capabilities. It perfectly reflects the intensity of today’s crypto world.

With Degen, you’re not just getting another subscription. You’re unlocking the next level of your crypto journey. Track 500 portfolios and a million transactions, all while enjoying unlimited syncs. Time is money, and in the world of crypto, it’s everything. That’s why we’ve included lightning-fast customer support, ensuring you receive help in under one hour.

Joining Degen is joining a group of crypto investors who demand the best. It’s for those who want to dive deeper, track smarter, and move faster in the crypto universe.

Welcome to the Degen plan


  • Narek Gevorgyan

    Narek Gevorgyan is the founder and CEO of CoinStats, the trusted crypto portfolio manager of 1 million worldwide. An early adopter of crypto, Narek initially created CoinStats to keep track of his holdings without endless Excel sheets. Since then, under Narek's supervision, CoinStats has flourished into a fully fledged crypto, DeFi, and NFT portfolio manager.

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