July Updates

CoinStats July 2023 Updates: What’s New

Welcome to the CoinStats July 2023 updates! We are pleased to announce some great updates to make your experience more intuitive than ever.

So here’s what’s new: Recent Activity on the Coin Details page, Transaction Editing Functionality, and NFT Page Redesign.

You asked. We listened to your feedback, and here are the three updates for your frictionless and enjoyable experience:  

Recent Activity

Keeping track of your latest transactions is vital for the success and growth of your crypto portfolio. Scroll down to the Recent Activity section on the Coin Details pages to view your latest activity and transaction history for each coin.

Transaction Editing

When it comes to crypto transactions, accuracy is paramount. With our new transaction editing functionality, you can now edit all your transaction details. Whether your mistake affects one or several transaction details, such as the amount, date, etc., you can easily correct things. 

NFT Page Redesign

We’ve redesigned our NFT page and enhanced its appearance for smooth searching and investing. Now, with expanded access to the exciting new way of digital ownership, you can view and connect with a large and diverse community of NFT collectors, artists, and enthusiasts. 

At CoinStats, our goal is to make crypto investment easy and fun for our valued users, and the July updates are a testament to that commitment. Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or just starting your journey, we hope these new features and enhancements will help you achieve more and streamline your daily operations.

We’re eager to hear back. Don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or feedback on any of the new features. 

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the coming months.

Happy investing! 🚀 

  • Narek Gevorgyan

    Narek Gevorgyan is the founder and CEO of CoinStats, the trusted crypto portfolio manager of 1 million worldwide. An early adopter of crypto, Narek initially created CoinStats to keep track of his holdings without endless Excel sheets. Since then, under Narek's supervision, CoinStats has flourished into a fully fledged crypto, DeFi, and NFT portfolio manager.