Is Pi Network a Scam or Legitimate Crypto Project?

Is Pi Network a crypto scam? Not yet. Because a scam, as it sounds, requires criminal entities to mislead victims into putting their money in a fraudulent scheme. Scammers promise higher investment returns or rewards such as a yacht, a Mercedes Benz, or even a penthouse. But what they do is disappear with the money….

Top 5 Potentially Best Cryptocurrency You Can Trade amid Financial Crisis

That thing called “best cryptocurrency” is a myth.
It is because each bad and top cryptocurrency brings out its share of risks. Some have sustained longer in the market than others, such as Bitcoin, which makes investors trust it more. Then some newbie tokens appear out of the womb of promising blockchain startups, like Ethereum, and become an alternative to Bitcoin.

Negative Interest Rates & Its Potential Impact on Crypto Market

“Negative interest rates? Over my dead body.” Jerome Powell did not say that. But if one were to reimagine the Federal Reserve chairman in a superhero comic book, that is precisely how his dramatized version would have screamed about “the biggest monetary policy experiment of modern times.” In the real world, a less-theatrical Powell conveyed…