CoinStats' Upgraded Profit & Loss Calculation

Introducing CoinStats’ Upgraded Profit & Loss Calculation

If you want to make better crypto decisions, you need proper portfolio tracking, and that must include accurate profit and loss analysis. Everyone will agree on this.

At CoinStats, we’re committed to our mission of providing top-tier crypto portfolio management to our users. Earlier in May, we rolled out Portfolio Analytics 2.0, and now we’re bringing you our most precise Profit & Loss calculation yet. It’s designed to help you manage your crypto portfolio with greater accuracy.

See how you can benefit from CoinStats’ latest updates below.

Advanced Portfolio Profit & Loss (P/L)

With our new update, you can now view your total portfolio P/L through various metrics:

  • Total Cost: The total amount spent on acquiring the asset.
  • Unrealized P/L: The profit or loss on assets you haven’t sold yet.
  • Realized P/L: The profit or loss on assets you’ve sold.
  • All P/L: The sum of Unrealized and Realized P/L.

These metrics offer a comprehensive view of your portfolio’s performance, helping you make informed investment decisions.

Let’s break it down with an example.

You bought 3 SOL for $100 each

When SOL price reached $200, you sold 1 SOL

Now SOL Price is $300, and you still have 2 SOL

Total Cost (Of current holdings): $200

Unrealized P/L: (Current coin amount * Current coin value) – (Current coin amount * Cost of each coin) = $400

Unrealized P/L: (2 SOL * $300) – (2 SOL * $100) = $400

Realized P/L: (Sold coin amount * Sold coin price) – (Sold coin amount * Cost of each coin) = $100

Realized P/L: (1 SOL * $200) – (1 SOL * $100) = $100

All P/L: (Unrealized + Realized P/L) = $500

All P/L: ($400 + $100) = $500

Detailed Asset P/L

See exactly how much profit or loss you’ve made on each asset, now more accurate than ever. Go to the ‘Holdings’ tab of any coin to see detailed insights. When there, click on any P/L to view your average buy and sell prices for that coin!

Wanna flex your gains?

On the same page, click on any of your P/L and click the Share button to get a share banner!

Transactions P/L 

You can now see detailed Profit & Loss based on your transactions when filtered by single coins in the ‘History’ tab. 

DeFi Holdings 

You asked, we delivered! You can now include your DeFi holdings in your total balance. This feature has been highly requested by our users, and we’re thrilled to integrate it into our platform. Go to your Portfolio and click on the ‘DeFi’ tab, then click on ‘Total DeFi’ to toggle it!

These new features are live now, designed to provide you with greater clarity and success in your crypto investments. Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping these updates, and we look forward to hearing more from you. Try out the new features and share your experience with us on Twitter.

  • Narek Gevorgyan

    Narek Gevorgyan is the founder and CEO of CoinStats, the trusted crypto portfolio manager of 1 million worldwide. An early adopter of crypto, Narek initially created CoinStats to keep track of his holdings without endless Excel sheets. Since then, under Narek's supervision, CoinStats has flourished into a fully fledged crypto, DeFi, and NFT portfolio manager.