Meet The Big Big Drop of CoinStats Updates

The Big Big Drop, the latest bundle of CoinStats updates, is here to kick-start a new era for the CoinStats community.

Let’s go through the upgrades and redesigns we’ve made to make managing your crypto investments a thousand times easier, smoother, and more personalized. 

All New Portfolio Tracking Experience

From now on, your mobile CoinStats portfolio:

  • Has better navigation for your transactions, DeFi & NFT assets
  • Offers clean visualization of portfolio holdings
  • Provides a smoother & better optimized user experience
  • Has NFT, DeFi & transaction history all in one place
  • Is tailored to your crypto needs.

Reconstructed Crypto & NFT Alerts System

Our crypto & NFT alerts system has undergone changes as well:

  • Effortless custom alert creation process 
  • Intuitive filters for price and percentage changes
  • Live pricing data displayed when setting up crypto alerts.

Midas: The Ultimate NFT Discovery Tool

CoinStats Midas is an alert system where you follow smart money (wallets with a great track record, industry influencers, insiders, etc.) and get notifications about NFT collections likely to rally soon. 

Since the beta test was a huge success and immensely helpful to our users, we set out to make the tool even better!

Now Premium users can:

  • Discover new and promising NFT collections as early as the minting stage
  • Save time on sifting through noisy Twitter feeds or Discord groups.
  • Get minimal useful information, because timing is key.
  • Monitor both collections at the mint stage and the secondary market. 
New Midas

Our algorithm is ever-evolving, the list of wallets Midas monitors is changing based on profitability and other internal metrics. All you need to do to start receiving Midas alerts is move one toggle button.

Apple Watch Makeover

Thanks to our Apple Watch app makeover, you can track your portfolio on-the-go from your wrist. 

Apple Watch Makeover

These are the enhancements we made:

  • Added portfolio complications: Track your portfolio volume from your watch-face.
  • Coin price complications were redesigned.
  • Coin details screen was redesigned.
  • Data syncing and updating were improved.

Wallet Watchlist

And finally, a new portfolio watchlist feature for all supported networks has dropped: Add any wallets you want to follow to your watchlist via an ENS domain or wallet address and never miss an investing move.


Note that while most updates are on iOS only so far, the portfolio redo is for both iOS and Android.

To Sum Up

The Big Big Drop makes the CoinStats experience even more user-friendly and personalized. We hope that you’re as excited about these updates as we are. Don’t forget to try out the all new CoinStats experience and get back to us with feedback!

  • Narek Gevorgyan

    Narek Gevorgyan is the founder and CEO of CoinStats, the trusted crypto portfolio manager of 1 million worldwide. An early adopter of crypto, Narek initially created CoinStats to keep track of his holdings without endless Excel sheets. Since then, under Narek's supervision, CoinStats has flourished into a fully fledged crypto, DeFi, and NFT portfolio manager.