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      • Libra Head Publishes Testimony for the US Senate Hearing Tomorrow

        12h ago
      • Ron Paul: ‘I’m All for Cryptocurrencies, I Like Competing Currencies’

      • Tron’s latest weekly report reveals details about much awaited ‘TRC20-USDT Incentive Plan 2.0’

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      • Treasury Secretary scores the final blow against Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra

      • Bitcoin [BTC] Price Logs $11,000 as Crypto Market Hails Secretary Mnuchin’s Speech

        45m ago
      • Japan preparing for G7 with talks about Facebook’s Libra

      • Polkadot Tokens Valued at $75 Pre-Launch in Crypto ‘Futures’ Offering

        59m ago
      • Verbal Intervention from US Treasury Whacks CD Crypto Indices

      • Is Lightning Network’s ‘Justice’ stern enough for thefts that occur on Bitcoin’s 2nd layer solution?

      • Tether accidentally issues $5bn worth of USDT, claims it was an issue with decimals

      • Amidst Crypto Market Crashing, John McAfee Speaks on His $1Mln Bitcoin Bet

      • Hodler’s Digest, Top Stories, Price Movements, Quotes and FUD of the Week

      • Bitcoin Price Clings to $10K Support After a Volatile Weekend

      • Trump Banning Bitcoin Is Feasible But Highly Unlikely, Says Economist

      • Bitcoin Lightning Nodes Claimed 2.22 BTC in ‘Justice’ Against Thieves: BitMEX

      • New US House Bill Would Fine Facebook’s Libra $1 Million Per Day

      • Spam Attack? Bitcoin Average Block Size Suddenly Spikes to Over 3MB

      • South Korea’s Biggest Credit Card Patents Blockchain Payments System

      • UK Royal Mint to Provide Custody for New Cryptocurrency

      • India: Leaked Draft Bill Would Ban All Crypto Except ‘Digital Rupee’

      • John McAfee Doubles Down on $1M 2020 Price Prediction for Bitcoin

      • Sally Ho's Technical Analysis 16 July 2019

      • TOR group creates Bitcoin Donation fund in its Fight Against Internet Surveillance

    • Libra Head Publishes Testimony for the US Senate Hearing Tomorrow

      The Senate Banking Chair in the US had scheduled a meeting with the executive of Facebook to question about Libra for 16th July 2019. Reportedly, Marcus David, [...][…]

      12h ago