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Coinstore’s 2024 Dubai Expedition Concludes Successfully

2M ago





April has been an extraordinary month, in which the cryptocurrency industry has seen significant changes.

The Bitcoin halving has been completed.  Concurrently, Dubai became a hub for cryptocurrency experts, including practitioners, key opinion leaders (KOLs), investors, and media representatives. In this vibrant atmosphere, Coinstore successfully hosted two major events: the “2024 Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference ” and the “Finding the Future Alpha ” forum on new public chains.

Coinstore Premiere Brand Conference

Coinstore’s Premiere Brand Conference has attracted widespread attention, with industry-renowned institutions such as ICP, Infinity Ventures, and BTC Security Labs sponsoring and supporting the conference. Over 500 crypto entrepreneurs, investors, experts, and prominent KOLs gathered to discuss the industry’s hottest topics. At the event, Manfred Chew, Associate Director of Coinstore, announced two major news.

The first announcement was the launch of the IEO 2.0 product. Relying on the extensive operational experience of Coinstore’s collaborative teams, Coinstore IEO facilitates internal traffic routing, connects with the community, and leverages promotions to support projects in addressing their weaknesses for positive development.

By introducing the IEO 2.0 product for innovative and promising projects, Coinstore aims to facilitate the development of blockchain projects, thus listing tokens which will maximize users’ profits.

In addition, Manfred announced the brand ambassador recruitment program to spread the brand’s exposure with famous crypto industry KOLs. Cooperation with KOLs has always been an important strategy in Coinstore’s development. Previously, Coinstore has been working with over 400 KOLs to launch livestreams including Coinstore X Space and CS Live. Coinstore’s livestream has always been dedicated to spreading Coinstore’s brand image-  The first choice for the initial launch.

In addition, speakers shared their insights on trending topics such as Depin, RWA, and DID, among others. The audience agreed with the speakers’ viewpoints and engaged actively in the discussions. Ultimately, the conference concluded on a high note, marked by a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Finding the Future Alpha

In a lingering atmosphere of anticipation, Coinstore held its second event – a public chain forum themed ‘Finding the Future Alpha’. The forum was jointly hosted by Jsquare, a research and tech-driven investment firm.

Additionally, Coinstore also partnered with famous institutions including, CGV Capital, Rocktree Capital,ABCDE Capital,Inception, Nano Labs, Mindfulness Capital, and Waterdrip Capital to discuss the development and opportunities of public chains and contribute to the industry development.

Manfred, the Associate Director of Coinstore, announced that Coinstore will enhance its global partnerships and actively engage in project incubation. Additionally, Coinstore plans to launch the IEO 2.0 product and a traffic ambassador program to boost its brand influence and competitiveness.

As the conference progressed, VCs expressed their views on investment trends. In the panel discussion,JT Law ,Partner of IVC,Omer Ozden (Chairman) – Rocktree Capital,James Wo,Co founder of DFG discussed how VCs found the next alpha unicorn.

James believed the approval of ETFs helped a lot of people without a CEX account to enter the crypto sphere. Additionally, the increasing number of applications is attracting more participants, suggesting that this bull market cycle could last longer than the previous one. Omer predicted that the price of Bitcoin would surpass that of gold, noting that regulatory developments are opening up more possibilities, unlike the last cycle, which was predominantly focused on narrow ICO narratives.

A Milestone for Coinstore’s New Journey

Established in 2020, Coinstore has quickly grown over three years, serving more than 700 project teams and reaching over 7 million users. The platform has significantly expanded and evolved, establishing a robust presence in emerging markets, particularly in Indonesia, India, and Nigeria.

Prior to the conferences, Coinstore had amassed considerable experience in organizing events and actively hosted Cryptalk and CS Connect events. To date, Coinstore has organized more than 30 Cryptalk sessions, nearly 40 CS Connect gatherings, and 22 Expo conferences. These events have served as vital connectors within and outside the industry, attracting global participation and receiving enthusiastic responses.

The successful wrap-up of the Dubai conferences marks the start of a new chapter for Coinstore. Notably, the public chain forum is set to become a benchmark event. Looking ahead, Coinstore plans to host more forums and events that will foster the convergence of technology, capital, and fresh ideas, thereby driving innovation in the cryptocurrency industry.

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